Idaho Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 40 Years

By Ben Hamill - April 02 2020

 Idaho Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 40 Years

An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 6.5 hit the state of Idaho on Tuesday evening. The earthquake’s epicenter appeared to be located about 80 miles northeast of Boise and just outside of Stanley and was the state’s most prominent quake in about 40 years. The earth-tremors and rumblings could be felt as far north as Canada, as well as in some parts of Washington, in Montana, and also in Oregon state.

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The earthquake was most notably felt in Stanley and surrounds. According to Mayor Steve Botti, who was at home at the time of the quake, stuff in the house was flying about all over the show, including pictures flying off the walls. He also recalls having tried to walk down the stairs of his upstairs landing, but having been unable to descend the stairs due to the force with which the staircase was shaking. Botti said during an interview broadcast on local radio station Boise, that the earthquake had caused a great deal of noise and sounded almost like a freight train speeding by.

No major damage has been reported since Tuesday.

Aftershocks To Be Expected

Local weather services have warned that various aftershocks may very well follow over the course of the coming days, and that residents should proceed with caution. The earthquake was the most powerful regional Idaho quake since 1983, when a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the community of Borah Peak. The Borah Peak earthquake caused two deaths and a great deal of damage in general.

More than 2 million people live in Stanley and surrounds. Most reported having felt the earthquake. Reports of the earthquake had apparently been received from people living as far away from the epicentre as Salt Lake City in Utah.

Some Could Hear It Coming

The tremblor could apparently be felt in an emergency room at St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center. But according to coordinator Marcus Smith, even though the quake could be clearly felt by all present at the centre at the time, it did not interfere with treatments or procedures administered or performed by the centre at the time.

Smith recalls having experienced the sensation of a wave moving through the ground under his feet. He said that he knew right off the cuff what it was and that even though an earthquake definitely adds to the stress of everything currently going on not only locally, but also in the world, the citizens of Idaho would be fine as that is generally what they do.

Bridge Street Grill owner and Stanley resident Brett Wooley added his voice to the remembrance too, saying that he had on his part actually heard the earthquake approaching before he even felt the first tremor. He described it as having resembled the sound of a strong wind, coupled by a positively tremendous roar. Woolley said that even after 10 minutes had passed, his home continued to shake, and that this had caused him to feel panicked and concerned for his safety.

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones has since said that Idaho state can expect to have an earthquake of this magnitude roughly every 30 or 40 years.

When was the Idaho earthquake?

Tuesday the 31st March 2020.

Where was the epicenter of the Idaho earthquake?

80 miles northeast of Boise.

How many people were killed in the Idaho quake?

So far, no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

What was the magnitude of the Idaho earthquake?

6.5 on the Richter Scale.

When was the last big earthquake in Idaho?

Before 2020, the last big Idaho earthquake was in 1983.

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