Hybrid Vehicles You Can Actually Afford

By Ben Hamill - August 04 2018

Tesla and other hybrid cars have been generating a lot of attention and excitement, and as we look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint they will continue to be big news. At the moment, however, the technology of an entire hybrid car is just too expensive for most people. Luckily, we’re seeing the idea of hybrids spread to other areas of life to make all kinds of activities even more seamless. This includes online casinos, where live games and conventional online games are becoming more integrated, and different 2-wheeled modes of transport. Electric bicycles, scooters and even motorbikes are becoming an increasingly common sight. They work on the same energy hybrids as cars, and are a more affordable way to ditch your old gas-guzzler and start being kinder to the environment.

Electric Bicycles

A host of rechargeable bikes, perfect for getting to and from work or going on longer cycles, are flooding the market. With automatic gearshifts and an especially lightweight design, the Ridgeback E-Flight Di2 is a premiere example, while the Emo Cross Bar is a good budget option. There are even foldable options, perfect for busy city workers. These often have to sacrifice power for their conveniently small size, but the Volt Metro is able to clock over 80 km. The Coyote Connect is the most economical option and does very well, but the battery does only last for around 30 km. Electric mountain bikes will help you trek up major hills with ease, so your entire cycling experience is more enjoyable. The Trek Powerfly 9 LT Plus and the Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie come especially recommended.

Electric Scooters

A lot of people consider scooters to be the perfect middle ground between motorcycles and bicycles, and the latest range of electric scooters is proving exactly why. They’re light enough for you to zip through traffic on, and without having to contend with gears the handling often feels easier than on a motorbike. Exciting options for 2018 include the Aprilia SR125 and Yamaha’s soon-to-be-launched Nozza Grande-based scooter, both of which are 125 cc. TVS are also launching a great selection this year, including the Dazz, the Jupiter Electric and the Graphite Based Scooter. The Honda Scoopy gets our nod for best retro aesthetic, but the real beauty is probably the stylish Vespa 300 GTS. Classic design meets serious scooter power in this stylish ride that is powered by a 278cc single-cylinder engine!

Electric Motorcycles

This is the most experimental of the 2-wheeled rechargeable transportation modes, but there have been some exciting developments of late. While no specs have been released yet, even Harley Davidson has plans to release an electric motorcycle in 2019 and if this industry legend is doing it, the ways of the world are definitely moving more towards hybrid vehicles. Harley Davidson Livewire Zero Motorcycles, based in California, has already released the Zero SR, which runs on lithium-ion batteries, and produces up to 116 foot-pounds of torque and 70 horsepower. Without a powerband on the motor, the electric motorbike gets to these speeds a lot quicker than its conventional motorbikes. Interestingly, electric motorbikes pose a unique problem to riders that is not seen in hybrid scooters or bicycles; too much silence. A huge part of the motorcycle experience is the roaring of the engine, and the quietness of electric rides takes some getting used to. When Harley-Davidson rolled out Livewire, their first hybrid prototype, in 2014 they tried to artificially recreate the quintessential sound with limited success. Four years on and hopefully this has been improved along with everything else.