Zoom Makes Working From Home Easy

By Ben Hamill - March 25 2020

Zoom Makes Working From Home Easy

Since many of us are suddenly home-bound and having to not only stay indoors, but also, for the first, time work from home instead of from a tech-supported office, things can get daunting on the technology front. But thankfully, help is at hand and it’s called Zoom. An app that can handle literally hundreds of people linking in on a single video conference meeting, among many other handy functions, Zoom is fast becoming the new must-have in every home-based office.

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The problem for many people is however not merely learning the various functions available to them via a specific application, but how that app ties in with the rest of the office set-up, or as is the case for many of us, the lack of set-up. But earning a tech-savvy star isn’t quite the rough ride many assume it to be and with a little help and guidance, anyone can learn how to carry on doing what needs to be done, even when stuck at home for weeks or months on end.

Meet The Humble Webcam

This one’s a must-have. Almost like a key to the rest of the Zoom set-up. And since most recent laptops now come kitted with webcam as a rule, you probably already have one. If not, it will be necessary to add a webcam into your existing setup.

Webcams aren’t at all expensive and given the marvels of the internet, it should be reasonably effortless to pay for one and have it delivered. Just like with most other things, there is no real limit to what any tech may or may not cost and so it’s important to compare price instead of clicking on the first and best Google return. Also, remember that for the purposes of hosting a video conference, simple and functional will do the trick. Fancy is overrated.

Signing Up For Zoom

Again: easy and without too much tech-savvy involved or required. All that’s really needed is a connection to the internet and an activation email address. Signing up is completely free and as easy as 1-2-3.

Once you’ve entered your details and email address, Zoom will ensure that an activation and download link is delivered to your inbox. This will enable you to download the software needed to run the app onto your computer. There are plug-ins for Firefox as well as Chrome. And for those wanting to get really fancy and sync it all to their smartphones, there are plug-ins for Android and
iOS too.

Hosting An Actual Meeting

Once Zoom has finished installing and your webcam is up and running, it’s time to host your very first meeting. This too is easy and pretty much self-explanatory in terms of the instructions and help provided by the application.

People required to join your meeting are invited by sending an email directly from the app. Zoom even assists with the testing of your webcam and microphone – just to be double sure that it’s all working as it should. And if impromptu isn’t really your thing, Zoom allows you to schedule meetings well ahead of time. Working from home has never been easier!


What is Zoom?

A video call conference app for desktop, laptop and mobile device.

Why is Zoom so popular during Covid-19 lockdowns?

Zoom lets people connect with others in live-streamed meetings, online. This makes working from home easier and more streamlined.

Is Zoom free?

Yes, you can use it to host 45 minutes meetings with up to 25 participants. There is no subscription fee and no limited trial period.

Does Zoom require a webcam?

Yes, or you can use the forward-facing camera on your phone.

Is there a Zoom app?

Yes, you can download the Android or iOS app at the app store.


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