Gambling As A Legitimate Career Path

By Ben Hamill - June 06 2019

Gambling As A Legitimate Career Path

Whether or not it’s actually possible (read: profitable) to make a full-time career out of gambling is a question that has captivated and also boggled the minds of many. To the person who just loves a good old bet; whether standard or prop; the very thought that it may be even just a remote possibility appears almost too good to be true. But the really great news is, it really isn’t too good to be true. Its good and its true: it really is possible to gamble as a means to a profession.

It’s necessary at this stage, however, to state the following: making a life out of gambling probably won’t involve playing slots. Not exclusively, in any event. For gambling to work in anyone’s favour in the long run, there needs to be a specific strategy and a definite dose of skill.

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Loving Sports, Making Bets

Betting on sports is a good way to make a living. As is the case with any career, the more feverish the passion for the activity in question, the better the chances of making a life out of it. Pro-bettors spend a big portion of their day watching sports. More watching in fact, than actual betting. In order to be constantly successful at betting on sports, it’s necessary to become familiar with players, teams, coaches; and yes, even venues.

A love of the game is a necessary instalment in any sports bettor’s life. Loving something generally can be traced back to first having been interested in that particular thing. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Living The Dream Is Hard Work

Poker. Now there’s a career-maker. Many a pro-Poker player started out simply wanting to generate a little bit of additional income. Fast-forward a couple of years and it’s a fast track into the lives of the Daniels and the Dukes of the world. But what’s the secret behind Poker’s success as a moneymaking career possibility? It requires skill, determination and tenacity. It’s beginning to sound a lot like a real career when looking at it from those three angles.

Ultimately, the secret to making a success of just about anything is to treat that anything as the “something” that it’s expected to become. Anyone willing to put time and effort into making a career out of gambling will succeed. No exceptions.

It’s true because it hangs on a universal principle: success is 10% talent and 90% determination and willingness to stick with the program.

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