Hillary Clinton Pens Novel With Canadian Author

By Ben Hamill - February 26 2021

Hillary Clinton Pens Novel With Canadian Author

Not only is Hillary Clinton about to pen her very first novel, but she’s chosen Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny to help her do it.

Penny, a native of Quebec, said she could not say yes quick enough when approached by the former U.S. Secretary of State about the upcoming new project. The Canadian said she regarded the project an incredible experience, as it would allow her into the very inner circle of the White House and the office of the Secretary of State at the time of a high-stake crisis explosion.

“State of Terror” will reportedly be based on the life and times of a “novice” secretary of state working for the office of a political rival at the time of a series of terrorist attacks. The idea is apparently based on Clinton’s time spent working under former U.S. President Barack Obama.

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How It All Started

Penny became famous after publishing her series of mystery novels based on fictional chief inspector of Quebec police, the Sûreté du Québec. She furthermore used to host the Montreal-broadcast Radio Noon.

The new book – at least by the sound of it – looks likely to also include Hillary Clinton’s thoughts and feelings around the controversial Trump administration. Publisher Simon & Schuster has described the novel as a story set in an American administration and government completely and perilously out of touch and out of power in all those places where it counts most.

The book is due for release later this year, on October 12.

The Clinton-Penny Story

Penny and Clinton have been friends for many years, with the writer having on more than one occasion hosted the Clintons at her Quebec home in the beautiful Eastern Townships. This also happens to be the region in which most of Penny’s Gamache books are set and take place.

The Quebec writer wrote the first in her Gamache series, Still Life, in 2005. Since then, she’s released 15 more, with the most recent one set not in her typical fictional town of Three Pines, but in Paris, France.

According to the mystery writer’s official website, readers new to the series need not read the Gamache series’ books in order of publication but are instead able to pick the story up from any which point. Despite a strong character development arc, each book is apparently “self-standing”.

Penny has won several literary awards for her books and was in 2017 appointed to the Order of Canada.

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