Kraft Heinz Apologises For Cree Blooper

By Ben Hamill - May 27 2019
Kraft Heinz Apologizes For Cree Blooper

Popular ketchup manufacturer Kraft Heinz had better do a bit of homework the next time it plans to release a new variant of sauce. Or rather; before it names that sauce. Whilst Mayochup may appear to be the natural choice for a sauce that is in essence a combination between ketchup and mayonnaise, when in Canada, that particular choice of name may cause quite a bit of confusion.

Mayochup, in Cree, refers to an entirely different type of “condiment”, and according to Director of the Cree Literacy Network, Arden Ogg, when translated back to English from most Cree dialects, means “sh*t face”.

Not exactly the kind of description one wants to have associated with one’s condiments, or more specifically, with one’s food.

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The People Have Spoken

According to Kraft Heinz, “Mayochup” was a name that was chosen by the consumers of its popular condiments thanks to a crowd-sourcing initiative that was hosted by the company earlier on, and the fact that it doesn’t really translate all that well in Cree, was most definitely not anyone’s idea of a comedic stunt.

The company also made it very clear that the only thing it would like to see smeared all over the faces of its consumers, and that includes its Cree-speaking consumers; is its condiments. The company referred to the loopy translation as being “unfortunate”.

That “unfortunately” sounds about right when tongue-ing it out in Cree.

Mayo and ketchup makes mayochup

Not Their First Blooper

Cree is considered to be the most widely spoken indigenous language on Canadian soil and according to a 2016 census, enjoyed the patronage of roughly 96,575 speakers. The mayo-ketchup-crap-on-the-face is probably not the ideal vehicle to see Cree reclaimed as national language heritage, but if anything, it most certainly is memorable.

But this isn’t the first time the company has had to apologize for a slightly embarrassing miss-hap. A few years ago the manufacturer was left standing around with a tint of red on its face when one of its QR codes had lapsed. The code was never disclaimed or sold by Kraft Heinz and was eventually picked up by a popular porn site.

The adult entertainment firm had apparently purchased the competition QR code, not realizing that it technically still “belonged” to the tomato-sauce people.  At the end of the day the entire thing came to a head in a particularly unsavory way when a German customer had been rerouted to a porn site upon having entered the QR code into his mobile device.

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