Canadians Are Dead-Set On Living Healthy

By Ben Hamill - December 09 2019

Canadians are more now than ever before particularly concerned about the state of their health. This is according to a report on consumer trends compiled by BDC, a local bank famously dedicated to entrepreneurs. A study conducted throughout the course of 2016 revealed a number of rather interesting trends about our consumer habits.  Some of the findings may not come as any surprise, but some others certainly have the potential to rock a couple of future boats.

And there’s something about just about everyone in there somewhere. Whether you’re a Millennial constantly on the look-out for interesting new ways in which to make the world go round at exactly the desirable speed, or part of a slightly older generation only now latching on to a world of constant connectivity, most Canadians are displaying a single common trend that weaves all throughout like a thread of gold: we’re concerned about our health and we want to live a long and happy life.

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Mobile All The Way

And then of course there’s the matter of how it all comes together on mobile. Consumers are no longer interested in visiting websites that fail to make provision for mobile compatibility. Whether we’re Googling a new recipe or the latest developments in the meat-free clean-eat market, we want to access the information on our mobile devices.

Interesting too is the fact that the mobile revolution doesn’t appear to be bound to any specific age group. Young or old, old-fashioned or in with the times; we want it now and we want it on mobile.

Eating Clean And Kind

Which brings us to the touched-on subject of being kind to what we eat. Meat-free living. It’s a tendency that’s making waves across the provinces. We are no longer interested in eating clean merely for the benefit of our own heart-health; somewhere along the line we seem to have made the transition from a focus on self to a focus on the greater environment. The realisation appears to have finally hit home that if we were to continue to fail to take care of nature, the favour will in all likelihood be repaid ten-fold.

The bottom-line is this: we’ve grown. And we’re eager to grow some more, and then some more still. A clean-eat healthy lifestyle is no longer on the table for a debate. We want to see change and we’d like for that change to come to pass sooner rather than later.

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