Health Canada Pulls Two Goop Products

By Ben Hamill - June 16 2019

health Canada Pulls Two Goop Products

Natural health products not exactly supported by medical substance have attracted a lot of bad publicity. And actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop line of products is no exception. Doctors and health experts all over the world have been known to criticize Paltrow’s products, and recently, Health Canada joined the list of “we’re not exactly fans of your stuff”.

The lifestyle brand recently opened its first Canada-based outlet location, and exactly a day after it did so, Canada Health ordered that two of the sunscreen products on offer at the pop-up shop be pulled from the sales counter. Both of the products belong to the American cosmetics brand Beautycounter.

The reason for the order of the withdrawal of the products having been issued, explains a representative of Canada Health, is that all natural products sold on Canadian soil are required to be licensed as such by Canadian authorities. The two Beautycounter products did not have licenses. The products were discovered as such by two Canada Health representatives who had visited the shop on opening day.

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Goop Claims Packaging Error

In order to qualify for a natural product to be licensed according to Canadian health laws, applicants have to submit a full screening of their products to Canada Health. The screening must contain all relevant information about the product about to be sold, including a complete list of the medicinal ingredients, a complete breakdown of the non-medicinal compounds, the dosage, the potency and also the source and recommended use or uses of the product.

Goop has in the meantime responded to questions about the two products and have said that it been an issue of packaging, instead of one of no-licence. The brand claimed that the two products were actually intended to be sold in the US but had somehow gotten mixed up with their Canadian counterparts.

Both products are currently still for sale on Goop’s Canadian website. Why this is so isn’t certain at this stage. CBS News has alluded to the fact that this may very well be Goop taking advantage of an online “loophole”.

The Water Is A Farce Say Experts

The store is located in the upmarket Yorkville neighbourhood, inside the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto. Various other products are for sale too, including furnishings and clothing lines. On opening day, shoppers were able to enjoy free high-PH water. The alkalinity is supposed to cure all sorts of common illnesses. Medical experts have been known to disagree with this claim too.

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