Hard Rock Gets Green Light for Vancouver Hotel

By Ben Hamill - December 08 2018
Hard Rock Hotel Vancouver

Seven years is a long time. Just ask the owners of the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver.  A 7-year wait is what it took before an application to construct a hotel to complement the existing casino, was finally approved.

City officials finally approved the construction of a brand new hotel tower after they had given the thumbs up to a prior application that had been lodged by the group. From now on, visitors from far and wide will not only be treated to all of their favourite games, but they will also have the opportunity of staying in leisure and being wined and dined by the best in the business.

All in one convenient and central location.

Preparation Was Everything

Much had to be done in the way of preparation before the construction of a hotel finally received the green light. A complete re-zoning of the location was on the cards, and all of the supporting documents and impact-studies had to be in place before the city finally approved the application.

The casino developer has not yet made public the identity of the operator who will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the hotel, but this information is expected to become public in the near future.

A complete re-zone was necessary in order to allow for the safe conference of large groups of people. Thanks to the process having been allowed to run its course, the new hotel and casino resort will be in a position to host a variety of open-air concerts.

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Nothing But The Best Will Do

The hotel will be a grand affair once it has been completed. The building will house 141 guest rooms and will rise a majestic 12 floors from the ground. Now that the developer has had the time to select the most suitable hospitality company for the day to day operational management of the hotel, there isn’t much more to be done other than for construction to commence.

A permit for construction by the Ministry of Transportation is the next step. In the end it will all be worth it, as the 12-story tower will offer magnificent views of the city skyline. The Hard Rock brand is renowned for sparing no expense when it comes to creating the best possible experience for its patrons, and judging by the pre-construction information currently at hand, this one is going to be one for the books.

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