Atwood’s The Testaments Adapted For Screen

By Ben Hamill - September 10 2019

The sequel to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments, is due to be adapted for screen. Which is an incredible feat, especially since the novel has not yet been released to the general public. Penguin Random House Canada, the official representative publishing house of the author, has confirmed the upcoming adaptation of The Testaments.

Some 800 copies of the new book have however slipped through the cracks, having been shipped prematurely and in error by Amazon. The online retail giant has since apologized for its blunder and has said that it values its relationships with publishers, authors, and readers, and considers the mistake in a serious light. Amazon also said that it deeply regretted whatever difficulties its actions had caused booksellers. The copies in question were supposedly shipped to American readers.

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Hulu And MGM

According to a recent article published by Time, The Testaments is in the process of eing adapted for screen by Hulu and MGM. The article also alludes to the fact that The Handmaid’s Tale TV Series creator and showrunner Bruce Miller is being consulted on how to best approach the screen adaptation.

The book has also already been nominated for a Man Booker Prize and has made its way all the way into the final selection. In addition to this, it’s made it onto the long list for the Scotiabank Giller Prize.

What To Expect On September 10

According to information published by The Guardian, The Testaments continues where The Handmaid’s Tale left off – some 15 years after the final 1985 scene. The book is in a way a freeing of the ties that bound in the initial storyline and we are confronted with a changing Gilead, even if the transformation is ever so subtle.

The Eye that previously had so relentlessly swung its silent pendulum of control over the women The Handmaid’s Tale, begins to lose its grip in the sequel. It no longer appears to see all there is to see and for the first time ever, we are granted a glimpse into the bigger picture and allowed to see “the bigger canvas” by the author.

Two young girls will speak to us in The Testaments, reveals The Guardian, and we will be prompted towards introspection regarding our own approach to societal issues, activism and in a way, the power of disgust.

Margaret Atwood’s The Testament will be published and officially released to the public on September 10.

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