Canadians Of All Ages Are Embracing The Grey

By Ben Hamill - July 10 2019
Canadians Of All Ages Are Embracing The Grey

Whilst “going grey” is naturally and traditionally associated with growing older, many people, women as well as men, notice the appearance of silver strands at an early age. And then spend most of the rest of their lives trying to hide it. But a newly revived pro-grey movement is looping its way through the internet with Canadians of all ages flocking to photo sharing platform Instagram in order to show of their grey. And its not to be confused with exclusively allowing age to take its course and being proud of our silver strands of life-long achievement, because people of all ages have joined the latest craze, known to the digital world as the ‘grombre’ (which is of course clever world play on the traditional ‘ombre’).

According to those who study online trends, those who perform the search “silver-grey highlights” have done so 647 percent more often over the course of the past year than what was prevalent before. It appears as if Canadians are intent on taking pride in a natural occurrence that so many generations before us tried frantically to sweep under the carpet, including in many cases, our own parents and grandparents.

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Forget Ombre – Go Grombre

Grombre has more than 126k followers on Instagram, and the pro-grey following is growing by the day. Many of the users of the social media platform are showing off their silver pride and commenting on the fact of how liberating it is to allow their grey locks to flourish unhindered and free, with no more constant worrying about when next to colour it all up before even the tiniest smidgen of un-colour starts to show.

It’s a passionate and at times even frantic and zealous following, with some people actively advocating the movement. The grombre website even has its own online store that sells pro-grey tees. And everybody knows that nothing is considered real until there’s a wearable for it! Not to mention a social media post to prove its existence and that its now “a thing”.

What’s Your Reason?

It turns out that the reasons behind people having latched on to the grombre movement; whether they are even aware that this is in fact what it is now trending as or not; are many. Some have grown tired of constantly trying to hide what is generally associated with growing older, others yet find having to colour one’s hair all the time to be a costly and time-consuming activity.

And then there are those who embrace the grey as an act of defiance in the face of having to accept that we all have to eventually grow older. Whatever the reasons, for the moment at least, the grey is here to stay.

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