Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Ben Hamill - May 05 2020

Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day on the fast approach, folks have been wondering what to get mom this year, especially since not all supplies are currently in full circulation. But thanks to some pretty awesome suggestions compiled by concerned online Mother’s Day gift advocates, there shouldn’t be any problems experienced when it comes to coming up with something truly special in celebration of mothers world-wide.

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And this year may be just the year to steer clear of the usual flowers and chocolates doing the rounds in bulk. Since many moms are currently staying put at home, this may just be the perfect opportunity to spoil mother with something that will keep on giving. Since many moms simply love to create something beautiful, whether that be baking or gardening or photo-blogging, gifting her something with which to craft and be creative isn’t a bad idea at all.

And when thinking DIY craft-kits, there are more than enough splendid ideas to go around and enough to keep mom busy for months to come.

Solar Photography

Since most moms are eager to document just about anything and everything (much to our annoyance at times!), many would be blissfully happy at the prospect of receiving the perfect introduction to “sunography”. This basically refers to the art of placing various objects (examples would be a pretty leaf or luxury piece of fabric) onto specially crafted paper, after which these are then exposed to the sun and rinsed with water. The result is beautiful blue sun-kissed prints.

Sunography kits come standard with photosensitive paper, storage bags and of course, clear and proper instructions on how to go about creating mom’s next big masterpiece.

Working With Glass

Oh, the magic of stained glass! And now that someone’s come up with the perfect Stained Glass Abstract Suncatcher Kit (available from Etsy), everyone’s mom can be instantly transformed into a master stained-glass-artist.

Not only will mom receive a stained-glass kit perfectly suitable and safe for beginners, but she’ll also receive a pattern, 9 ready-to-use already-cut pieces of coloured glass (we wouldn’t want any mishaps on Mother’s Day!), zinc borders, pump rings and even copper foil. Be sure to make sure that mom (or dad for that matter!) has an iron, some soldering wire and just a smidgen of flux paste. Once she’s done creating her first stained-glass creation, she’ll have a suncatcher fit for the bedroom of the princess that she really is.

Indoor Herb Garden

Many moms simply love to garden. But it’s also true that many moms don’t have the luxury of wide-open spaces in their backyards. And for moms suffering from limited space out back, what better gift than a Mason Jar Cilantro Herb Garden from

Even though we may not be able to sample mom’s wonderful cooking on her special day, a grow-your-own-herb kit is bound to get her gardening genius flowing. This kit too, includes everything mom-the-gardener will need to grow the perfect cilantro. Also, the mason jar is next-level cleverness personified as it takes all of the guesswork out of the watering bit. The self-watering feature is sure to be big hit with moms famously allergic to faffing and flopping and mucking about the (over-watered) bush.


Where do I get the perfect Mother’s Day gift?


How do I choose the right Mother’s Day gift?

It helps to ask mom what it is that she really enjoys doing.

Why not just go with chocolates and flowers?

Many moms love to get creative and crafting. For these moms, DIY kits are the perfect gift.

What about moms who don’t enjoy arts and crafts?

A warm and cozy bathrobe is bound to work pure magic on mom.

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