The Beauty And Value Of A Gratitude Jar

By Ben Hamill - November 22 2019

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything other than the central theme that tidying up helps to make space for things that are way more important than “things”; people, experiences, the space to breathe and really live; then its that there’s nothing quite like a single positive daily ritual to help make life better in a really small but also really significant way. And since even scientists now believe it to be true that gratitude really does make you happier, what better daily ritual to get the old Canadian happy-train chugging away merrily than a gratitude jar?

The truth is that its perfectly human to be feeling like some days were just destined for troubles and woes and a general feeling that all isn’t right with the world. It’s surprisingly easy to get side-swept by a bad day, after all. Its on days like these that a tangible expression of all that is right with the world as opposed to a hiccup here and a glitch there, can go a really long way towards restoring order and balance.

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It’s Anything and Everything

So what exactly then is a gratitude jar? In a nutshell; its a jar to be used for holding squares of paper onto which you’ve scribbled descriptions of those things or people or unexpected random acts of kindness that you’re grateful for. It needn’t be anything major; in fact, gratitude is often most poignantly discovered in the small things. Its about discovering for the first time what that mystery lever is actually for; the smell of pumpkin pie as it slowly bakes in the oven; adopting a furry friend; no thing will ever be too big or too small to fit into a gratitude jar once you’ve scribbled it onto a piece of paper.

Also, let your gratitude jar be as interesting and colourful on the outside as what it is once full up on things to be grateful for. Decorate it at your heart’s content. Be creative; use colours, glitter, and strips of shiny foil. Nothing is off-limits and it really doesn’t matter if it ends up looking like something created by a pre-schooler during art-class. In fact, the more pre-schooler it does end up looking, the better, because at least then it will have come from a place of true authenticity.

Seeing Is Believing

Author Sonja Lyubomirsky refers to gratitude as being “a kind of meta-strategy for achieving happiness”. Lyubomirsky goes on to elaborate on examples of what gratitude may look like. She says that it can be many things, “it is fathoming abundance; it is thanking someone in your life; it is thanking God; it is counting blessings”.

And what better way to “count” those blessings than by putting them all together in jar of remembrance? A gratitude jar.

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