Google Reveals Plans To Pay For News Content

By Ben Hamill - June 28 2020

 Google Reveals Plans To Pay For News Content

So dedicated is Google to high-quality news content, that the search engine giant intends to start paying qualifying news publishers for their stories beginning later this year. The plan, announced Google on Thursday, is to launch the licencing program in such a way that it will initially cover local as well as national news publications in Australia, Germany, and Brazil. More countries will follow shortly after, said Google’s VP of product management, Brad Bender.

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Bender in his official Google blog post described the planned program as being a critical and significant “step forward” in the direction of a bigger goal, being that of smoothing over decade-long tensions between the company and the struggling global news industry. The program will essentially enable the tech giant to support high-quality journalism in a much more effective manner, said Bender. This will be achieved by helping qualifying news publications connect significant monetizing value to a commitment to quality storytelling.

In addition to payments made to partner-agencies, Google says it furthermore plans on paying users to read paywalled (subscription-access) articles. And according to Bender, the planned program will not only build on a 2018 news initiative launched by Google News, but it will also tackle the gigantic challenges associated with fake news and general disinformation.

Tech Giants Should Pay, Says EU

Google’s decision to pay for high-quality news content comes after increasing pressure on internet tech giants to pay for content and especially for making use of snippets outside of the original bodies of news articles. Several European and global news agencies have called on EU authorities to sign into force laws obligating internet companies (especially search engines) to pay for the material created by publishers.

The paid news content battle between Google and news publishers is a fight that’s been raging for years. It’s also a fight that recently escalated to new levels of urgency due to a global financial near meltdown. In April, France’s antitrust regulator ordered Google to start compensating media publications for displaying their content and intellectual property. Paying for the use of third-party licensed content is provided for in Europe’s latest law governing digital copyrights and online content ownership.

These Agencies Will Be The First

Companies first up regarding the successful conclusion of paid-content deals with the search engine giant include Australian news agencies Schwartz Media, Private Media, The Conversation, and Solstice Media. German news and media publications include Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Rheinische Post and Tagesspiegel.  Brazil’s Diarios Associados and A Gazeta agencies have been confirmed in official partnership with Google too.

Google’s proposed licenced program’s articles will reportedly be available across all Google News and Discover services.

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