GoT’s George R.R. Martin Marks Himself Safe

By Ben Hamill - March 23 2020

GoT’s George R.R. Martin Marks Himself Safe

Game of Thrones penman George R.R. Martin has declared himself “safe” amid the Coronavirus global pandemic. The 71-year-old Martin this week provided an update regarding his current state of health after Indira Varma, who played the role of Ellaria Sand in the HBO smash hit television series, became the second GoT star to have contracted the potentially deadly virus. Varma shared the news to her Instagram account a little more than a week ago.

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Martin posted a personal health update to his Not A Blog and said that he wanted to assure those worried for him personally that he was safe and in isolation and working on writing his eagerly awaited “A Song of Fire and Ice” series.

Martin Knows He’s High-Risk

Martin referred to the fact that given his age and current state of health, he is officially classified as being “high-risk” in terms of Covid-19, a fact he said he realised full-well. He concluded his blog post by saying that he feels fine and is practising the necessary precautions. He’s currently spending more time in Westeros, said Martin, where things are currently less grim than what they may ultimately become in the real world.

The GoT author also furthermore confirmed that even though both his Jean Cocteau Cinema theatre as well as his non-profit Stagecoach Foundation are in the process of temporarily closing doors due to the outbreak of the virus, all staff members will continue to be paid as if it were in fact a case of business as usual.

Some Others Not As Lucky

It’s of course good news to hear that Martin is at this stage unaffected by the outbreak and doing well in health and in spirit. But that Covid-19 is posing a major threat to world economies as well as human lives all over the globe is a matter of grave concern. Italy, especially, has been bearing the brunt of the outbreak ever since the virus hit its shores.

The country on March 21st announced a new day-to-day record high of cases reported as well as deaths, with 793 confirmed dead and 6,557 new cases reported. That’s for a single day. 53,578 known cases of the virus were reported country-wide on Saturday.

American health officials have in the meantime begun preparing for the worst. New York has reported approximately 10,400 cases of infection to date, with about 1,600 of those cases having required hospitalisation. California is in a state of complete lock-down, and New York as well as Illinois are now following suit, with Connecticut and Oregon state set to do the same over the course of the next couple of weeks.