Gen-Z Fashion Trends Out The Ordinary

By Ben Hamill - March 01 2021

Gen-Z Fashion Trends Out The Ordinary

Generation Z is no ordinary kettle of fish. Not only are they a generation of people who have no memory or working knowledge of what the world used to look like before smartphones or instant internet access, but they’re also strangely at ease with crocheted apparel and other trends Millennials and those who went before them would be prone to label “fashion disasters”.

It’s perhaps exactly this lack of knowledge of a world before smart tech that’s got Gen Z interested in things the rest of us might not consider hip, or cool. They’re taking a special interest in things that would not automatically classify as aesthetically pleasing, after all – things like flowy fabrics, charms, hiking boots, and oversized sweaters.

Oh, and they’re making their own jewelry from all sorts of trinkets and natural materials. It doesn’t necessarily have to classify as being “pretty”, after all. Here are some rising Gen-Z trends (for the rest of us).

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Goblincore & Light Academia

It’s hard to ignore and not be tempted to delve into the deeper meaning of a fashion movement with “goblin” worked into the description. And it does not disappoint.

Goblincore is apparently not unlike cottagecore, the hippy-style back-to-nature look that’s both rustic as well as artsy. The only difference is that it’s grungier and decidedly moodier. Think Baby Yoda. According to fashion historian, Rachel Weingarten, Goblincore can be a mix of earthy colours, mini (hand-made) jewelry and charms, gems, metals, buttons, rocks, and (otherwise useless) trinkets in general. Which of course means Goblincore is the precarious dividing line separating “collecting” from outright hoarding.

And then there’s light academia, which seems to be Gen-Z’s response to dark academia. Unlike the goth-nerd look that trended most of last year, light academia is all about brooding poetry “enjoyed” over a display of skulls and candles – while donned in tweed, leather, and cardigans.

The Crochet Bucket Hat

As if bucket hats weren’t difficult enough a piece of un-fashion to swallow, Gen-Z have taken the atrocity factor one step further: it now comes in crochet.

Among crochet bucket hat advocates and trendsetters count Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter to U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

Homemade Jewelry

Generation Z are all for the concept of “waste not, want not”. And it’s led them down that slippery slope of making their own jewelry – specifically home-made DIY rings.

But then again – and here’s hoping – the rings could merely be the result of the need of having something to do while we hang about at home.

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