Food Day Canada To Remember Anita Stewart

By Ben Hamill - July 29 2021

Food Day Canada To Remember Anita Stewart

July 31 is the date set for this year’s Food Day Canada. The event promises to be a truly memorable one as it marks the first Food Day in the history of the event to not be spearheaded by Anita Stewart.

The founder, who is also a culinary icon in her own right and who fought tirelessly for the country’s food industry, passed away from cancer in November last year. She left behind a strong legacy and others have vowed to continue her crusade to promote and support Canada’s expansive food scene.

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The Event Will Pay Tribute To Anita

The organisers of this year’s event have promised that Anita’s spirit will live on and will be felt throughout Food Day Canada. They have said that they will be kicking off this year’s Food Day in a very special way that will pay tribute to its late founder. So far, a special tribute dinner is set to take place later this week as a tribute to her legacy, and all dishes will be created by a small army of chefs who loved, adored and respected Anita.

Jason Bangerter, the Executive Chef at Langdon Hall, and Denis Fontana, the owner of LaFONTANA restaurant, will be spearheading this honorary dinner. The two have been collaborating with Anita’s family in order to create the dinner, the proceeds of which will go to the University of Guelph’s Anita Stewart Tribute Fund.

Chef Bangerter has said that he considered Anita to be a close friend, a mentor, a supporter and something of a national culinary icon. He added that Food Day Canada will provide people with an invaluable opportunity to celebrate local foods, home cooks, chefs, bakers, wine makers and brewers.

Food Day Canada Gets Stronger Every Year

Many credit Anita Stewart’s resilience and unbridled passion for making Food Day Canada the much-anticipated event that it has become. Each year, it becomes so much stronger and more powerful as the event encompasses every corner of the country and encourages the appreciation of where Canadians get their food from and who supplies it. It is widely believed that she is responsible for helping Canadians to collectively link arms and to celebrate all that is noble, delicious and good about the country.

Bangerter also said that he misses Anita dearly but remains happy that he is able to help honour her and the legacy that she left behind.

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