Air Pollution Warning Issued For Vancouver

By Ben Hamill - September 22 2020

Air Pollution Warning Issued For Vancouver

A high-risk health warning has been issued for Metro Vancouver. Issued as part of a special air quality statement, Environment Canada has issued said warning as a result of wildfire smoke caused by wildfires burning in the United States having been detected in high volumes in the metro. Wildfires raging in Washington and Oregon have for several days now been creating a fog-like haze detectable over the mountains of the North Shore.

Environment Canada’s warning advises those with any form of underlying medical condition or current serious respiratory or other infection, to refrain from undertaking activities outside the home. Outdoor activities should for the time being be either postponed or limited as far as possible, the agency has said. People who are living with conditions affecting the heart and lungs, i.e. those most at risk of being negatively affected by air pollution, are most at risk of developing dangerous secondary health conditions from exposure to the smoke.

The smoke currently still detectable in Metro Vancouver and several other parts of British Columbia is expected to last well into the coming week.

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The Situation Is Volatile

The organisation did however add that the concentration of the smoke detectable across Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Regional District may vary as time progresses – all depending on changes to winds, temperatures and the general volatile behaviour of wildfires.

In addition to pregnant women, children, and the elderly being advised to avoid spending extended periods of time outdoors, said Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan, adults typically in sound health too, are being recommended to actually outright avoid activities outdoors. Those activities that cannot be avoided should preferably be postponed, said Castellan.

Vancouver Air Now Among Worst

The smoke caused by the U.S. wildfires have re-ranked Vancouver’s quality of air to become of the worst-ranked among the world’s major cities over the past two weekends, continued the meteorologist. These include cities such as Portland, Oregon, and even San Francisco.

And in the meantime, dozens of people remain missing as a result of wildfires blazing across the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Authorities are in fact reportedly fearing that once the flames do start to recede, the charred landscape will reveal many more dead.

The hope is that showers forecast for the rest of week will aid firefighters working around the clock to contain the flames still raging in Washington and Oregon. But with that having been said, California remains a dire concern, said Castellan. The rain currently forecast for California and surrounds won’t prove nearly enough to quench the fires continuing to sow destruction in the region, explained Castellan.

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