Fitness Need Not Be Daunting – Here’s Why

By Ben Hamill - January 08 2020

The majority of us know the drill. We’re fully aware of the mental and physical benefits associated with regular exercise, but we just can’t get ourselves to get out there and get started. All in all; for many of us at least; the prospect of working out quickly escalates to the point of it becoming so daunting an idea, that the very thought of assuming an exercise regime of whatever level of regular commitment ends up causing us a great deal of stress. And all this before a single dumbbell has been lifted or mile completed on treadmill.

But feeling demotivated about getting out there and getting it done is perfectly natural, explains life coach and psychologist from Toronto, Michael McCarthy. The fact that thoughts around wellness and our general state of health can be quite stressful indeed rather defeats the purpose, explains McCarthy, because the very idea behind getting moving is to experience less stress and not even more of it than usual.

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Nothing Is As Bad As We Fear

But how then should we be going about beating the drag? There are quite a number of pointers that may be helpful in order to bump us off the proverbial TV-room sofa, and many of these aren’t nearly as complicated as what someone not yet familiar with the many benefits of physical exercise would naturally be inclined to assume.

As with most other things, how one tends to think about what a thing really is on a personal level, is able to make the world of difference. And exercise, say the experts, certainly is no difference. The first step then towards reaching a resolve is to decide what fitness actually looks like to each individual person. If flashing mental images about folks sweating it out at bootcamp or running for hours and hours on end is enough to put you off the idea of getting fit for good then take heart, because what it really means to be fit is different for everyone.

The best approach, explains McCarthy, is to realise that fitness is closely tied to rediscovering what it means to let our hair down and have fun. Fitness may mean pain and suffering and bootcamp to some, but to others, it may instead take on different activities altogether; activities like swimming or boxing or signing up for a dance or Zumba class at the local gym.

It Helps To Ditch The Excuses

It really does. It’s all about cultivating a positive attitude, especially during the initial 10 minutes after we’ve woken up on any given day, explains McCarthy. What we do during those first 10 minutes really does set the tone for the rest of the day. If the resolve is to get up and do 5 squats and 3 push-ups before there’s even time to come up with an excuse, then squats and push-ups (by way of an example of course) will suddenly seem a great deal less of a problem to do.

Chipping away at excuses one by one as they pop into our minds is the best approach for dealing with negative self-talk, says McCarthy. One step at a time appears to be just about the best antidote to any “problem”.

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