How eSports Are Teaching Us Corporate Skills

By Ben Hamill - February 19 2021

How eSports Are Teaching Us Corporate Skills

eSports may well have emerged the perfect antidote to lag and fatigue in the workplace. So claims a company by the name of Corporate eSports Association (CEA).

The company describes itself to be a modern-day twist to the traditional corporate softball league for building team spirit. Not only do employees get to participate in team building-style matches, but according to CEA, they also get to reap the benefits of professional development. And all whilst competing in competitive video games, or eSports.

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Gaming Is About Teamwork

Team-based games such as Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends, or LoL, so says CEA co-founder Brad Tenenholtz, requires players (or colleagues, as it were) to work together by forging common strategies to achieve a single goal by completing missions. It’s either a case of learning how to communicate well with fellow employees, are be left eating the dust, said Tenenholtz.

CEA goes about its business by pitting employees from one company against workers of another, which according to Tenenholtz, ultimately results in a special and certainly unique form of corporate team building. The only difference is that instead of humdrum personality tests and done-to-death trust falls and the like, employees get to bond and forge corporate relationships while playing video games.

The fact that millions of people are working remotely as a result of the new normal hasn’t exactly hurt CEA’s turnover, with employees from more than 150 different corporate companies tuning in for a bit of competitive eSports fun for the ultimate team building experience.

eSports To The Rescue

Competitive gaming, explained Tenenholtz, is showing itself to be a truly meaningful activity providing an intense value-add to big corporations such as IBM, Walmart, Amazon, and General Motors.

And according to the thousands of gamers working at some of America’s largest corporations, the benefits of eSports within the company setup have been numerous and enormous.

Michael Flores, an IBM client technical team leader, who first introduced the company to the world of internal eSports communities, says the impact has been enormous yet simple. eSports, says Flores, has essentially changed and shaped the way IBM employees view themselves within the bigger picture and context of a team in the workplace.

Flores uses the example of a typical League of Legends session. At first, an employee might instantly look to everything they assume their teammates did wrong, as opposed to what it might have been they themselves could have done better, or differently. But this soon changes, explained Flores, and becomes instead a thing of appreciating the individual skills of others, and every member of the team’s ability of bringing something unique to the teamwork table.

Which is essentially what the perfectly functioning corporate team is all about.

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