X-Men Fans Want Dominque Jackson To Be Storm

By Ben Hamill - June 25 2020

X-Men Fans Want Dominque Jackson To Be Storm

If only one Marvel Universe storyline had to be singled out as being ready for a radical shakeup on the showdown (think transgender – think inclusivity), then the X-Men franchise would have to be hit. Traditionally populated by “minority” characters who literally are forced to remain mostly in hiding for fear of discrimination and even persecution by the ignorant outside world, the X-Men plot is too important a plot in terms of focusing on issues of gender

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And since Marvel’s Dark Phoenix (2019) didn’t do any of what it was supposed to do at the boxes, i.e. show a profit, fans have got down to putting on their thinking caps about what it would take to breathe the life of fandom and engagement back into the X-Men franchise. And to many, case in point being a recently launched Change.org petition, the answer is plain and simple: make a trans black actor the next Storm.

Trans black actor as in Dominique Jackson.

Righting The Wrongs

The petition at Change.org is now officially nearing the 15,000 mark and those who have signed are convinced that the casting of Jackson as Storm is the perfect turnaround remedy to Hollywood’s long history of “racism and transphobia”.

The petition refers to various similarities between Jackson and Storm; similarities those who have signed the petition deem more than sufficiently strong the making of an argument in favour of the “Pose” actress being cast as the next Storm. Parallels drawn between the two include the absolute commandeering of scenes, the delivery of strong and poignant monologues (remember Jackson’s speech at the 23rd Human Rights Campaign National Dinner?), and a shared feistiness when on screen.

A Matter Of Being Human

The petition has gained so much momentum that even Jackson could not help but take notice of what her fans have been up to. And her response was so poignantly Dominique Jackson that even those who know nothing of her would have to be completely disconnected not to agree that she may just be the perfect Storm.

Alongside a screenshot of the petition posted to Instagram, Jackson thanked her fans for the love and support they’ve been showing her. Writes Jackson, it’s not about whether or not Marvel takes note of the petition or even about whether or not she’s ever casted as Storm, but instead, it’s about the respect that makes each one of us feel valued, respected – and human.

Which is pretty much Dominique Jackson in a nutshell: valued, respected – and poignantly human.

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