Coming To Netflix Canada This December

By Ben Hamill - December 01 2019

Winter is upon us and so is December. Which of course traditionally means curling up under a blanket, watching the snowfall and enjoying a warm drink. Oh, and more recently, Netflix and chill. And as for this holiday season’s upcoming content about to be launched on the popular content streaming platform, a world of Christmas gifts awaits.

Canadians will be treated to a special collection of programs and inserts, not to mention more Christmas movies than what any true Christmas lover could ever hope for. There will also be new Indie movies, a brand-new season of the popular drama, “You”, and a number of timeless 80s classic comedy sitcoms and shows making a comeback.

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Dinner For Schmucks

Anyone familiar with the classic “Dinner for One” will immediate recognise the ironic resonance with “Dinner for Schmucks”. The story follows the adventures of an up-and-coming executive as he learns of a year-end party about to be hosted by his superiors to which he ultimately is invited too. It’s all good and well until he discovers the real reason for the party, which is to celebrate the idiot-nature of the company’s workers.

The executive star of the show obviously at this point begins to question his invitation, which leads to a number of comedic consequences. He also, at this point, makes the acquaintance of a person regarded by him as being the “perfect guest” for the party.

Eastsiders Season 4

Eastsiders returns for yet another season and viewers can look forward to more infidelity and other related shenanigans. The dark comedy will continue in the same vein as before, with an LA gay couple being the stars of the humorous show. Nothing much is shaken up or stirred and the storyline basically picks up where it left off.

Even so, the 4th season of the popular show promises to keep viewers locked in as they follow the dailies and night-lies of everyone’s favourite off-beat gay couple. A number of high-profile drag queens make a special appearance for an extra treat in season 4.

Suits Sans Meghan

Meghan Markle may be sadly absent from the final season of Suits, but season 9 will at least feature the antics of Faye Richardson, who this time round is on a full-speed mission to completely destroy the firm. Drama, suspense and a rather unexpected ending. That’s Suits the final season in a nutshell and its all coming to a Canadian Netflix subscription near you on December 31st.

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