First Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Now Underway

By Ben Hamill - March 18 2020

First Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Now Underway

The first people to have signed up for the purpose of experimental vaccination against the Coronavirus say that they are hoping to do something of significance as the world continues to fight the deadly pandemic. The volunteers are healthy and will not be infected with the virus by receiving the vaccine. The 45 volunteers to have signed up for the experimental vaccine all want to do whatever it is that they can in a state of absolute emergency. This is according to Dr. Lisa Jackson at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle.

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And now that the first of the jabs have been administered, the waiting game has officially begun. The second dose will only be administered one month from now, and if successful, it will be at least another year before the vaccine will have reached all of the rest of the world. Even so, it’s a very necessary start now done and dusted.

A Joint Effort

But the Kaiser Institute isn’t the only organisation feverishly scrambling for a cure amidst absolute chaos and looming economic ruin. Various similar institutes around the world are running the same race – each hoping to be the first to come up with what will literally be regarded as a saving grace.

The European Union has rallied its support behind global research by having made a multi-million-dollar donation to a German research institutem confident that what they have come up with may end up eventually stopping the pandemic in its tracks.

The number of confirmed cases world-wide has now surpassed the 175,000 mark, with an unfortunate 6,700 people having already succumbed to the virus and died. This however doesn’t mean that the virus will prove fatal to everyone infected. Some people will only show mild symptoms, whilst a lucky few may not show any symptoms at all. Older adults are those who are most at risk, as are people already suffering from underlying serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer or coronary heart diseases.

The Writing Was On The Wall

That the virus was without a shadow of a doubt going to make headlines was a done deal to Uconn pathobiologist and associate professor Paulo Verardi. When the researcher in mid-January noticed the emergence of a virus referred to as Sars-Cov-2, he immediately knew that something big and serious was on its way.

Verardi has been involved in the development of a variety of flu-like vaccines and so when the number of reported cases started to pick up speed earlier on this year, he and his team immediately got down to the business of experimenting with possible vaccines.

But time is the enemy, says Verardi. Especially when working with a virus that isn’t all that different to a biohazard. Time is especially of essence when trying to develop a vaccine right in the middle of a major outbreak, as according to Verardi, each day counts because every life matters.

But there’s also a positive side to it all, and this is that funding is made available much quicker than what is generally the case in the normal course of research. That and the fact that everyone collectively realises that the time to get involved is now. Many heads are after all, better than just a few, especially when those heads belong to eminent scientists.


Is there a Covid-19 vaccine yet?

Not yet, but a vaccine is being trialed in Seattle.

How long would it take to release a Covid-19 vaccine?

It could take as long as a year to successfully develop a vaccine.

Where is a Covid-19 vaccine trial taking place?

At the Washington Research Institute in Seattle 45 people are involved in a clinical trial at present.

How many people are working on a Covod-19 vaccine?

Currently about 35 academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies are working on vaccines globally.

How many cases of Covid-19 are there globally?

More than 175,000.

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