Covid-19 Travel Bans Causing Chaos And Uncertainty

By Ben Hamill - March 17 2020

Covid-19 Travel Bans Causing Chaos And Uncertainty

In an attempt to drastically slow the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus, governments across the globe have rapidly imposed various travel bans. U.S. President Donald Trump is even considering domestic travel bans and believes that this will help stop the virus from spreading cross-country. If a domestic travel ban were to be implemented in the US, it will have been the first time since 9/11 that a step this drastic has been called for.

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During a Thursday press conference, held a little less than a week ago, Trump said that the implementation of a domestic travel ban remains a “possibility”. His remarks on the matter were prompted by a recent incident involving a US passenger having travelled from NYC’s John F. Kennedy airport to Palm Beach, Florida, and having had tested positive for Covid-19 upon arriving at the destination airport.

EU Gets In Line Too

But what’s for certain is that Trump is by no means a voice in the wilderness. Leaders of the European Union, despite having previously blasted the U.S. President’s decision to impose travel bans without prior consultation with the EU, have now imposed a schedule of travel bans of their own.

The Head of the European Commission has now suggested that member countries implement travel bans into the bloc in that no non-essential travel be permitted. The proposal currently on the table is that leaders of Schengen countries apply external-border travel bans, whilst for the time-being still allowing unhindered internal cross-border travel. According to European Commission Chief Ursula Von der Leyen, it all comes down to a simple equation of less travel resulting in better results in terms of containing the virus.

There Will Be Some Exemptions

Von der Leyen said that the ban will not affect those working on both sides of external borders, or anyone stuck on the other side of an external border and who would like to make their way home. Mandatory screenings will however be performed in all exempted cases.

Von der Leyen however hardly had time to finish her final sentence on the matter before Spain announced a shut-out of its own. The country is playing fast-paced catch-up with Italy, which remains at this stage Europe’s largest challenge, what with Coronavirus cases continuing to multiply at exponential rates.

Meanwhile In Canada

On Monday, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that his country too, will be closing its borders to everyone not either a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident in the country. It’s not yet clear whether the holders of Canadian work and study permits, and who are currently outside of the country for whatever reason, will be permitted to return to Canada at this time.

Mandatory screenings have in the meantime been causing nothing short of chaos at some of the world’s busiest airports. Flights are being delayed, travellers are trapped in mile-long queues at airports and in more than one case, uncertainty prevailed regarding the actual wording of the Euro travel bans and restrictions.

Ongoing staff shortages at airports aren’t helping the situation either, and it may well get worse before it gets better. Patience, compassion and kindness are key at this time, as the whole world is fighting the same battle and travel has been put on the back burner.


How many European Countries have been banned from US travel?

Initially 26 were banned on Friday the 13th of March, but Ireland and the UK were added to the list on Monday the 16th March.

Has Trump banned domestic travel in the US?

As yet, no, but it is being considered.

When last was there a domestic travel ban in the USA?

After 9/11.

What does a travel ban do?

In the case of Covid-19 it contains the virus and reduces the chances of it spreading.

What travel bans does Canada have in place?

From Wednesday 18th March Canada will close its borders to all who are not permanent residents or citizens.

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