Covid-19 Pick-Up Lines Offer A Much-Needed Laugh

By Ben Hamill - March 24 2020

Covid-19 Pick-Up Lines Offer A Much-Needed Laugh

So apparently social distancing has a funny side too. As in hilariously funny. Covid-19 pick-up lines may very well be the funniest thing to have come out of social distancing yet as singles get creative in the absence of being able to date in conventional ways now that the world is in a state of lock-down and self-isolation.

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Pandemic pick-up lines are proving particularly useful for those taking to online dating instead of meeting up in person. And according to OKCupid global comms manager Michael Kaye, the app has picked up on quite an increase of coronavirus mentions over recent times.

And so, if a line to the tune of “since all libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead” seems like the kind of pick-up you’d be prone to fall for, then perhaps love in the time of Coronavirus is your thing after all.

Humour Is Something Shared

One 23-year-old Vancouver dating hopeful probably nailed it on the humour train with, “if coronavirus cannot take you out, can I?”. And whilst these and other equally-witty pandemic-style prick-up lines certainly do offer a whole lot of humorous reprieve, a great deal is being revealed about human resilience and adaptability too.

Experts agree that its absolutely vital that folks remain mindful of mental health issues during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because as humans, we absolutely are social beings and hard-wired for connection and for interaction. The concept of self-isolation, even though sensible, seems daunting an idea to many of us, making it easy to slip into anxiety or even full-on depression.

And what better way to deal with all of that than with humour?

Laughter Truly Is Medicine

Laughter is a recognised coping mechanism and psychologists have long ago realised that it’s the perfect antidote to anxiety and depression. Humour not only allows us to blow off steam but also reinforces the idea of something shared with other humans.

Quipping about stressful situations helps remove the proverbial sting from whatever it is that is causing us stress and anxiety. Coming up with covid-19 pick-up lines is a perfect example of how we’re trying to deal with our sudden inability to interact with one another physically or face-to-face.

Humour is also very much a language in its own right. And not unlike music, it’s quite intuitive and universal. And since shared experiences are absolutely vital in order to keep us positive and connected during hard times, even quirky pandemic pick-up lines have a part to play.