Dating Apps Issue Covid-19 Cautions

By Ben Hamill - March 18 2020

Dating Apps Issue Covid-19 Cautions

You know it’s bad when dating apps begin issuing warnings about, well, dating. But considering that humans will be humans, and our quest for love and finding our happily ever after doesn’t exactly go away when a global health pandemic rears its ugly head, it’s probably a good thing that dating apps are now cautioning users to instead of hooking up in person for a first date, engage with one another online for just a little longer. Or at the very least, ask some precautionary health questions before deciding to meet in person.

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And the truth is that many are finding themselves to be second-guessing whether or not to even go outside in the first place unless it’s for essential food and household items, or work – let alone to potentially snog a stranger. In fact, as far as Covid-19 goes, snogging is just about the worst possible activity to be taking an interest in around about now.

Social Distancing & Dating

When considering ways in which the Coronavirus, or any virus for that matter, is transferred, making out is pretty much booking a seat at self-isolation’s table. Since the virus is known to spread from person to person, it stands to good reason to limit physical contact. In fact, creatives that we are, we’ve even managed to coin a term this: social distancing.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch applies a certain common-sense logic to the situation and says that in the absence of a vaccine or antiviral drug, the best third course of action would be to try and contain the spread of the virus. Social distancing has in the past proved very effective when it came around to containment.

The Old Pre-Screen

But even if a virtual date isn’t really your thing when it comes to connecting with others, there are ways of going about dating that are better than some other ways. Try to avoid crowded malls and restaurants, for a start. It’s also a good idea to conduct a pre-screening of sorts before actually meeting up.

Having a conversation about medical health matters before a first date may not be anyone’s idea of romance, but it’s without a doubt the socially responsible thing to do. But it helps to think about a question to the tune of, “have you been in contact with anyone ill with the virus?” as not all that different to any other question intended to give first date jitters the boot.

There’s no need to be pulling the plug on love then, after all.

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