Live Shows Cancelled All Over Ontario

By Ben Hamill - April 06 2020

Live Shows Cancelled All Over Ontario

Having to cancel or reschedule any major event is a headache under perfectly normal circumstances. But rescheduling events during a time when nobody is able to realistically predict what future dates may be suitable for postponement purposes as a whole new spin on the challenge. This is very much the situation that’s prevailing all across Ontario right now as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to sow chaos and uncertainty.

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Various live shows have already been either cancelled or postponed to purely tentative future dates, as nobody actually knows when the pandemic can be expected to have run its course. So many shows have already been cancelled outright, with event organisers simply not knowing which way to turn in order to get a hold on the logistics. Other events have been postponed by as much as an entire year’s time.

Caesars Windsor Postponements

The community of Windsor-Essex had until a couple of weeks ago looked forward to an action-packed couple of summer months, but this all changed in a matter of days. The Pelee Island Unplugged Music Festival, initially scheduled for 14 and 15 August, is one of the shows to have been outright cancelled. Organisers can now only hope that the 2021 instalment of the festival will result in a celebration of much more than music, but of humanity having had prevailed over one of its greatest challenges yet.

Caesars Windsor has had to cancel or postponed a slew of top events too. Performances by Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) as well as top performer and popular stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco have both been postponed to later dates because of the Coronavirus outbreak and the many uncertainties surrounding unprecedented current times.

Stay Home – Save Lives

Tony Bennett’s performance at Caesars Windsor has been postponed too. His live performance has been bumped up all the way to September 3rd. Jason Derulo’s live event has received the same treatment, having been postponed until September 11th.

Some live events have had to be postponed indefinitely, with new dates only to be confirmed at a later stage. These include performances by Loverboy, Bill Burr, and George Thorogood. More details will apparently only be announced over the course of the coming weeks.

Shows have not been in a position to continue as scheduled due to covid-19 social distancing guidelines issued by government. The message has been perfectly clear: the only way in which to save lives by flattening the curve, is to stay at home. And Canadians have decided to do exactly that.