How To Master The Art Of Complaining Well

By Ben Hamill - January 10 2020

How To Master The Art Of Complaining Well

There are those among us who appear to have truly fine-tuned the art of complaining effectively. And if complaining isn’t something you’d previously considered to be something that anyone should be good at, then Colorado University Chief Complaints Officer (yes, that’s actually a legitimate skill and job description!) Amy Fish may have news for you. Good news, that is. Because when listening to expert advice, it becomes evidently clear that those who seem naturally equipped with the faculty of naturally knowing how to pitch a problem, verbalise exactly what it is that they want to convey by means of a well-communicated message, and ultimately achieving exactly the response or reply that they had initially set out to get, weren’t in fact “born this way”.

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Contrary to popular belief, complaining effectively is actually a learned skill. And with the help and advice of people like Amy Fish, just about anyone can eventually at least to some extent master the art of the expertly delivered complaint. Here’s how.

Making The Approach

First of all, so say Amy and many others like her, its important to realise the legitimacy of it all. Many of us are immediately given to self-doubt when first considering lodging a complaint. But, says Amy, the golden rule is that if it’s a problem to you, it’s a problem. No need for a second guess.

Initial self-doubt out of the way, the next step is to formulate the complaint in a clear and concise manner. Or in other words, decide beforehand what it is that you’d like to achieve by lodging the intended complaint, and then communicate the nature of the problem in a straightforward way. The main rule, so say the experts, is that even though something like asking for a refund for an item to which the proof of purchase has been misplaced or lost may be intimidating, is to be honest. Not beating about the bush is bound to do the trick each and every time.

All About The Delivery

We’re most of us familiar with the fact that whatever the scenario, its nearly always not what we’re saying that gets across as much as how we’re saying it. This applies to complaining too apparently. It serves absolutely nobody to get aggressive and come across as being purely interested in starting a fight. The merit and deliverance of complaint will ultimately make or break the level of success we’ll have at resolving the issue.

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