Corey La Barrie Dead On 25th Birthday

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2020

Corey La Barrie Dead On 25th Birthday

Tragic news this week is that YouTube celebrity figure Corey La Barrie has passed away on his birthday. La Barrie, only 25, died in a car accident on Sunday. His brother Jarrad revealed the tragic news on Monday in a post on social media platform Instagram.

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A clearly emotional and understandably angry Jarrad wrote that posting about his brother’s death on social media wasn’t something he would ever have imagined necessary. However, he had decided to announce his brother’s passing this way as everyone who knew Corey deserved to be informed not only of his untimely death, but also of the fact that it had been caused by his (Corey’s) drunk friend’s driving.

Jarred wrote that posting about his brother’s death was the toughest thing he’s ever had to face doing. He also wrote to his brother about how much he was going to miss him, and that the entire thing wasn’t at all fair. He concluded his post by asking brother Corey to say hi to their grandmother and grandfather.

Daniel Silva Confirmed Arrested

Fox News in the interim managed to get hold of the official press release issue by the Los Angeles Police Department. The report confirms that the department had on Sunday arrested 27-year-old Daniel Silva for alleged drunken driving of the vehicle in which Corey had been travelling as a passenger. The report furthermore confirms that Daniel Silva is officially being charged with murder. This is the very same Daniel Silva who appeared on the televised tattoo competition, Ink Master.

Silva was allegedly travelling at a very high speed when he supposedly lost control of the vehicle and eventually ran it off the road and head-on first into a stop-sign and finally into a tree. The collision was what had apparently caused the death of Corey La Barrie. The department in its report did not identify the passenger as having been La Barrie, as at the time of the release, La Barrie’s next of kin had not yet been notified of the death.

Corey has however since been identified as the passenger mentioned in the police report. The report also provides details on how the “driver” of the McLaren sports car had managed to successfully exit the vehicle and had immediately launched an attempt to flee the scene. He was however accosted by members of the public who had rushed to the scene of the accident in order to provide possible assistance and aid.

La Barrie Died In Hospital

The report furthermore confirms that the Los Angeles Fire Department had been the first responders to the scene and had upon arrival, transferred the driver as well as the passenger to a hospital in the vicinity of the scene of the collision. Corey La Barrie had according to the report passed away as a result of his injuries upon arrival at hospital.

Various people have since responded to brother Jarrad’s post confirming his brothers tragic and untimely passing. Perhaps most tragic of all is that La Barrie had on the Saturday, exactly a day before the accident, posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he announced that the following day, May 10, would be his birthday.


Where was Corey La Barrie originally from?

Corey was born and raised in Australia.

Did Corey La Barrie have any siblings?

Yes, a younger brother named Jarrad and an older sister named Jessica.

Where did Corey La Barrie live at the time of his death?

Los Angeles, California.

Did Corey La Barrie have any hobbies besides social media?

Yes – he was a huge fan of sports. He played Australian football, tennis and basketball.

When did Corey La Barrie arrive on the social media influencer scene?

He posted his very first tweet in 2012.

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