Climate Change Becomes a Sticky Political Issue

By Ben Hamill - October 31 2019

If ever there were a situation that actually fits the bill of being an actual “sticky situation” then it’s a recent unfortunate series of events that have led to government-mandated anti-carbon stickers falling off of the gas pumps to which the stickers had been affixed. Ontario’s Minister of Energy is going full-on conspiracy theory on the reason behind the stickers not doing what stickers are made to do, which is to stick.

Glue of a poor quality is nothing other than a handy cop-out, claims Minister Greg Rickford. He firmly believes that what is actually going on is that liberal staffers are physically pulling the stickers from the pumps. And it must be said that the good minister isn’t at all relying on hearsay when formulating his drastic opinion. He has the evidence to back up his claim in the form of a Facebook entry posted by the Chief of Staff for federal liberal MP Paul Levebvre, namely Mike Whitehouse.

Whitehouse did after all write social media on October 22 of how proud he was to have reached the personal milestone of having “ripped off and destroyed” a personal record 100 of Doug Ford’s “propaganda stickers”. The social media post has since been removed from the platform, supposedly by Whitehouse himself.

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The Shame Of It All

Rickford on his part said that he believes liberals to be embarrassed about the actual cost of the carbon tax. As for Ford himself, he has previously jokingly quipped about the poor quality of the glue used when the stickers were manufactured, suggesting tongue-in-cheek that his personal family business should have been enlisted to manufacture the decals instead.

But Rickford is sticking with his opinion that the stickers are by no means coming off of their own accord; even if this is the only sticking going on as it stands at the moment. Whitehouse has in the meantime; obviously after having thought hard (if not very long) about his unique “milestone” and has apologised for this social media post by saying that removing government-mandated information (stickers) from common property was in fact against the law and that he should not have bragged about it. He concluded his apology by saying that the idea was never to grant an approval of sorts for this type of behaviour.

Seeing Is Believing

As for Rickford, he is of the opinion that the only “problem” with the stickers is that they are not coming off the pumps by their own accord. Unlike Liberal leader John Fraser, who claims to have seen with his own eyes the stickers slowly peeling away from the surface of the pumps whilst he was parked nearby.

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