CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Is Covid-19 Positive

By Ben Hamill - April 02 2020

 CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Is Covid-19 Positive

CNN lead anchor and brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, has confirmed having tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the potentially deadly human Coronavirus. Chris revealed his diagnosis on Twitter on March 31st, saying that in addition to times becoming more difficult and more complicated as they days progress, he has also now been informed that he is positive with the Coronavirus. He referred to having been exposed to people who in recent days had tested positive too and after having had experienced symptoms like shortness of breath, chills and fever, he too had been tested and was found to be positive.

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He also described having since entered into quarantine in the basement of his family’s home in an attempt to prevent his wife, Christina, and his children from contracting the virus too. It’s not yet certain whether his wife and children will be spared an infection, but the hope is obviously that this will not prove to be the case.

Cuomo said that whilst recovering, he would continue to do his shows from the basement of his home.

Governor Cuomo Comments

Shortly after Cuomo’s announcement on Twitter, older brother Andrew Cuomo addressed the issue of his brother’s diagnosis in a press conference. Governor Cuomo stressed the fact that no one is except from the virus and that it did not matter how rich or smart or even powerful anyone considers him- or herself to be. Governor Cuomo referred to the virus as “the great equaliser”, completely ignorant of age or status.

Despite being notably and understandably emotional about his brother’s diagnosis, Governor Cuomo took the time to pause and reflect on a definite lesson to be learnt from the diagnosis and from the pandemic in general. He said that he wished to remind people of the fact that Chris Cuomo is an essential worker what with his being a member of the press. Essential workers are constantly “out there” said Cuomo, and as such, had a much higher chance than the norm of becoming infected by the virus.

The Virus Attacks The Person

Governor Cuomo also sketched a very personal image of his brother, describing him as not only a public person with a show and a job that generally involves pushing people for answers and explanations in a sometimes-combative manner, but also as a sweet and beautiful guy and person. He then described his younger brother as being his best friend.

Cuomo also told the story of how some weeks ago the siblings’ mother had been at brother Chris’s house. He (Andrew) had at the time cautioned younger brother Chris about their mother being in contact with someone constantly in the public eye and in contact with so many people possibly already infected by the virus. Younger brother Chris had at the time apparently grown quite defensive, saying that their mother would grow lonely remaining cooped up in her own apartment, to which older brother Andrew had replied that love sometimes meant having to be smart instead of compromising and reactive.

Governor Andrew Cuomo also said that the conversation about his mom’s health and safety was what had eventually served as the inspiration behind New York City’s Matilda’s Law and the protection of older persons. The law is in fact named after his mother.


What is Matilda’s Law?

A state law that protects old and vulnerable people within NYC.

How did Chris Cuomo announce his Covid-19 diagnosis?

On Twitter.

When did he announce his test results?

March 31st   2020.  

Why is Chris Cuomo an essential worker?

Members of the press are considered essential workers.

Where is Chris Cuomo self-isolating?

At home in his basement.