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Living Healthy – Look For What Works For You

Why A Diet Isn’t A One Size Fits All Solution

Information overload. It’s nothing new, its everywhere and most of all, its exceptionally frustrating, not to mention demotivating. The healthy food industry, perhaps more so than any other industry, is especially prone towards lending itself to more options, factual conflicts and outright fiction sold as gospel, than what anyone knows how to handle any longer.

The plot really flips over backwards in our minds the minute that we reach that final plethora when we finally realise that all of the well-being and eat-this-avoid-that advice is actually causing us more stress than what it is adding to the quality of our life.

According to personal trainer, author and general health expert Jen Dugard, it’s no surprise that we cannot make up our minds regarding what is good for us and what isn’t. Women especially, says Dugard, are having an extremely tough time of it, especially since life doesn’t stop to wait for decisions to be made about food and diets. Life goes on, and all of its many challenges along with it.

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Be Realistic

But what can you do to avoid becoming completely overwhelmed to the point of just not doing anything at all? Realistic expectations and a clear goal of what you would like to achieve, is in Dugard’s opinion, the best place to start. Realistic includes taking a sober look at all factors, including age, activity levels, lifestyle choices and the like.

If nothing else, cutting down on sugar and processed foods is always a good idea. This is thankfully something that everyone is in agreement about. Getting back to natural, low-hormone, no-sugar, low-sodium food is where success begins.

Dietician Simone Austin warns against accepting everything that pops up on the Internet, as the truth. The reality of the matter is that quite the opposite logic should be applied. Everything should be tested against some very basic guidelines. The general rule of thumb is that the minute it gets too complicated or outlandish, it should be given the boot. Another suggestion made by Austin is to check the facts against existing research; and also, always try and establish whether anyone offering an opinion on any aspect of healthy eating and living, is actually qualified to do so.

Ask For Help

Both experts agree that it’s sometimes necessary to seek professional advice. In addition to the guarantee of accurate information and realistic guidelines, it helps to have a professional in your corner of the ring; someone to motivate you when you feel like giving up and someone to hold you accountable.

Ultimately, it’s not about finding a magic diet, but rather about finding a diet that is able to work its magic for you personally.

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