CES Adds New Categories To Official Schedule

By Ben Hamill - July 19 2021

CES Adds New Categories To Official Schedule

The popular Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is officially set to take place in Las Vegas in January. Though, it seems as if the scope of showcases allowed has finally been broadened. This year space and food are now included categories, allowing a wide new range of items to be seen. It isn’t a big change, but one that many companies will certainly appreciate.

Apart from this, everything else already associated with CES will be present. This includes technological innovations in the health, communications, and general biology industries. The now added space category speaks for itself, involving advancements in technology related to space exploration and travel. The food category, meanwhile, will be related to nutritional research and technology, as well as meal kits and plant-based protein research.

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Convention Details

Looking closer at the expo itself, it is due to take place from the 5th to the 8th of January. The specified venues include the Las Vegas Convention centre, located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, as well as the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, as well as at Aria and Mandalay Bay.

It will be more than 40 years now that the CES has taken place in Vegas, with only one exception. Although the 2021 event did go ahead, despite the world health crisis, it was held entirely online. This digital version of the event was largely seen as a success, though general consensus was that all future conventions should return to the classic land-based format as soon as possible.

Road To Recovery

The CES is seen as vital to the electronics industry, but now more so to the recovery of Las Vegas itself. The globally known region is seen as an iconic location as far as gambling and other entertainment is concerned but saw its economy all but collapse under the weight of the world health crisis. Conventions such as this will play a major part in long term economic recovery, with over 100,000 guests expected to be seeking hotel accommodation.

According to the senior vice president of the Venetian Resort, Chandra Allison, conventions such as CES are the key to saving the region. These words were spoken even as multiple venues on the Strip have already been forced to close over the last few months, much to the dismay of employees.

Needless to say, January will be a good month for both electronics and Las Vegas casinos and hotels.

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