Ryan Reynolds Responds to Trudeau’s Covid-19 SOS

By Ben Hamill - March 26 2020

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Trudeau’s Covid-19 SOS

Ideas like “flattening the curve” and “social distancing” are new to the human race and yet the current coronavirus global pandemic have brought these and other curiosities right to our doors. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier on this week called on the entire country to “step up the fight” by adhering to social distancing rules and staying home. Trudeau at a Monday press-conference alluded to a multi-million-dollar campaign intended to inspire Canadians to do exactly that.

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He then on Monday night appeared to launch the campaign when he posted a Twitter video form his own kitchen at home, in which he calls on the nation to help prevent the virus form spreading any further by avoiding social contact as far as possible. He also issued a challenge to Canadians to create a video of their own and to tag friends and family so that they too may be reminded to not leave their homes. Trudeau then tagged Canadian celebrities Michael Bublé and Ryan Reynolds together with the caption, can you help?

All-round good guy Ryan Reynolds took all of 10 minutes to respond in a video of his own.

Celebrities Can Help

Reynolds in his own video praised the nation’s health care workers and first responders, as well as those providing essential services, and in his own unique way tried to point out that even though celebrities weren’t the real ones saving the day, everyone had a role to play.

Reynolds is a known fan of Trudeau and even though he did not publicly endorse any politician during the last campaign, he has been quite outspoken regarding his support of the prime minister’s climate change policies.

Trudeau in turn appears to be quite fond of Reynolds too, having in the past referred to the actor as his favourite Canadian Ryan.

Seth Rogen Joins In Too

Reynolds in his video nominated fellow actor and Vancouver-original Seth Rogan, musician Steven Page and also his own brother, Terry Reynolds, to continue the chain of spreading the message of social distancing and fattening the curve.

Rogen responded by posting a video from what he refers to as his “bunker” later on that same evening, calling on the nation to avoid getting sick by staying indoors. Rogen too, nominated his own choice of celebrities to spread the message.

Whether or not local celebrities will feature in the ad-campaign proposed by Trudeau on Monday remains to be seen, but that Reynolds and Bublé and many others are already making a difference in their own unique ways is commendable indeed.