Keep The Distance With Tall Canadian Celebs

By Ben Hamill - July 27 2020

Keep The Distance With Tall Canadian Celebs

Having trouble keeping the recommended 6-feet distance from your fellow humans in a queue or while shopping for essential items? Not exactly keen on whipping out the old tape measure when out in public? Don’t fret, because since we’re all pretty much in this together, a downtown Toronto company by the name of Public Inc., have taken it upon themselves to come up with a solution that is easy to follow.

Since Hollywood actor Tom Hanks just so happens to be exactly 6 feet tall, a life-size decal in the image of the beloved American actor stuck to the ground are helping those queuing outside Toronto liquor stores are helping customers keep their distance, so to speak.

But since Canada is home to a small army of celebrity 6-feet-ers, there’s no reason at all for Tom Hanks to be doing all the work.

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Reeves And Moir

As in Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and Canadian ice-skating champion Scott Moir.

55-year-old Reeves is already pretty much the most impressive human being alive, so why allow him to lay down the law of the land as well? And as for Moir, even though he may stand a few inches short of 6 feet tall, his 5”10 stature, when coupled with that of an airborne Tessa Virtue during one of the pair’s famous “lifts”, certainly more than makes the physical distancing indicator-cut.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock

Since the Jumanji star towers a 6-feet-5-inches tall, keeping a rock-solid distance is the name of the game. Perfect for the diligent over-achiever, keeping a distance equal to Johnson’s height should solve just about any old physical distancing conundrum.

Ryan Reynolds

It’s true: if ever there were a measure of the perfect physical distance, then Vancouver-born celebrity superstar-actor Ryan Reynolds would be it. The Canadian’s 6’2” frame is in many ways the perfect physical distancing benchmark – not exactly Johnson-style overkill, but sufficient clear of the limit so as to instill absolute confidence.

Ryan Gosling

Often referred to as “that other Ryan”, Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling is yet another example of keeping the perfect physical distance during a time of crisis. At 6 feet tall, the handsome actor hits the mark every time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Keeping a 6’2” Trudeau-sized distance between yourself and your fellow humans will definitely prevent others from “speaking moistly” at you. Not to mention the fact that if you’re a fan of the Canadian PM, you’ll also be having your mask on while playing it safe.

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