Canada Brain Gain About Much More Than Trump

By Ben Hamill - July 29 2019


The Trump administration is making it increasingly more difficult for foreign nationals to obtain the H1-B visa necessary to apply for tech-based employment in the US. Many US companies rely heavily on outside expertise to fill the US tech-gap, and now find it trickier than ever before to successfully make the most of and navigate the global job market scene. When focusing on closer to home, job platform Indeed confirms that Canadians too are apparently losing interest in the US job market, and by as much as a 36% year-on-year decline.

But, says Indeed, its not quite as simple as Trump having closed the magic portal. Canadians, it seems, are choosing to stay home thanks to a solid growth curve in the job market right here on local soil.

Money Matters

Canada’s forward growth over the course of the past number of years has made the country to be a much more attractive prospect, especially from a remunerative point of view. Market surveys conducted by Statistics Canada clearly conclude that payroll earnings for May 2019 are up by an impressive 3.4% when compared to the same period one year ago.

But the playing field isn’t exactly level yet either. Jobs in the fields of science, technology and even the academia, continue to be a great deal more lucrative and rewarding on the other side of the border. And while Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver all rank among the 25 top tech markets in the world, tech-focused employment at home continues to lag behind tech-based employment in the US, especially when comparing wage structures.

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The Immigration “Shift”

The US “knowledge economy”, it seems, continues to outshine the prevailing tendencies at home. Jobs in especially the academia and the fields of science and technology aren’t merely paying more, but continue to enjoy more experts per square capita. What this comes down to in non-statistical layman’s terms is that the US continues to outshine Canada in terms of the number of industry movers and shakers in the three mentioned fields.

The diverging attitudes towards cross-border employment aren’t solely the work of Donald J. Trump either, experts stress. Our own 2015 coming into power in the person of Justin Trudeau has had much to do with the new market tendencies too. According to e-analysts, it all comes down to evolving attitudes towards the basic concept of immigration and what it means to be a “job-immigrant”.

All things considered, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent that Canada may soon be able to completely relax about the ever-looming brain drain threatening progress and growth in especially local tech-based industries.

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