Being Canadian – This Is What It Means

By Ben Hamill - December 05 2019

Many folks have at some point or another seriously considered giving it all up and moving to Canada. And really, why on earth not? The home of maple syrup sure beats the heck out of any variety of milk and honey. There are however some things best kept in mind if you’re going to enjoy your stay, irrespective of whether that stay is a vacation or a long-term arrangement. The important part is to do proper research before heading up North and if you do, chances are you’ll soon be having a royal ball.

We give you the ins and the outs regarding living arrangements, the weather, hunting for and holding down a job; even an explanation of why Canadians are forever attaching the country’s flag to their luggage or backpacks when travelling to other countries.

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Never You Mind The Cold

Many who plan on travelling to Canada are at the least wary, and the worst, terrified of Canadian winters. And yes, it does get frightfully cold in some parts of the country. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never ever see the sun again. In fact, certain parts of Canada offer the perfect balance; cold and snowy in winter; the perfect beach-weather in summer. The British Columbia coast and the southern-most parts of Ontario are just about the only exceptions to the “short transitional seasons” rule.

If -25ºC is a notion that leaves you freezing at the mere thought of a temperature so low, then remember that the best thing for it is a good attitude. And a bit of planning on the suiting it up of course. The bottom-line: plan and you probably won’t die.

We Have All Types & Sizes

A definite positive is that you’ll feel right at home; no matter your culture or colour or creed. Some 40 of Parliament’s sitting members weren’t born in Canada, after all, having moved to the country with mothers and fathers and grandparents at a young age.

There are literally hundreds of world-languages spoken in Canada; more religions observed that what anyone would think possible and a colourful variety of cultures and people. Canadians may be called many things, but boring simply isn’t one of those things.

There’s much more to being Canadian than what meets the eye. We tip those who deliver a service or a container of food, we don’t smoke in public and our road trip graze of choice is thrown together by a company by the name of Tim Hortons. We attach the Canadian flag to our luggage especially when travelling overseas (it’s a national pride thing), and we’re frightfully polite. If you think that you might be able to live with all of that, then welcome to your Canadian adventure!

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