The Rock Says Canada Loves His Tequila

By Ben Hamill - March 20 2021

The Rock Says Canada Loves His Tequila

He has a finger in every pie, including the tequila manufacturing pie. And according to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, nowhere has the demand for his new ultra-premium, small batch tequila Teremana been more prominent than on Canadian shores.

Johnson promoted his latest creation in a social media video on Thursday, describing Canadians to have been behind the most requests for the new tequila. He in his video refers to another video sent to him by a group of five Canadian friends doing shots of presumably a brand of grog not of Johnson’s making, with the group pulling sour faces all throughout the video while wanting to know rom the WWE-wrestler-turned Fast and Furious star when Teremana Tequila would finally be coming to Canada.

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Canadians Want Teremana – Badly

The five friends ultimately ended up doing a Zoom call with a representative from the label and Johnson himself. During the call, Johnson reportedly discussed the possibility of collaborating with the Canadians to create promotional localised content for the brand.

And one point during the Zoom meet, Johnson is asked how to go about getting a set of arms such as his. He jokingly responds by saying the best way to build muscle is to have children, buy a children-sized shirt, and then proceed to cut the arms of the shirt before wearing.

According to Johnson, tequila has been part of his family for a very long time, all of which had led him to start imagining his own personal brand about a decade ago. Johnson said developing the brand had taken time because of his desire to do it right. He reportedly spent time in Mexico learning the ins and outs of the business of making tequila, and specifically Teremana.

Coming To Canada

Johnson’s Teremana first debuted in March last year, and according to the official information available about the brand, is made using blue weber agave from Jalisco Highlands. The agave is roasted in traditional brick ovens before being distilled in copper pot stills that have been crafted by hand.

Already available online, Johnson’s Teremana will soon be stocked by several retail locations across Nova Scotia, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Other than his tequila, Johnson is also making headlines with rumours of his XFL being in advanced talks with the CFL. And WWE’s Paul Heyman recently confirmed that Johnson had approached the World Wrestling Federation over the possibility of their setting up a match against Roman Reigns.

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