Canadian Universities A No-Scam Zone

By Ben Hamill - May 09 2019
Canada Makes Good On Commitment To Education

In the US, there’s no war quite as unforgiving as the one battled out between parents and students hoping to the secure a spot at one of the country’s top elite universities. Where a degree is earned can make or break a career, especially when talking degrees in the medical field. Many parents believe that the only way to guarantee success, is to start going at the problem from a very young age, and end up throwing thousands of dollars at pre-school education. Admission counsellors end up laughing all the way to the bank, having been mandated by desperate parents to ensure the best possible start to a lifelong culture of learning.

It was only a matter of time before the highly competitive industry of scouting and placing would blow up in a cinematic fashion, and sure enough, this is exactly what recently happened when actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin; along with a large number of other desperate parents caught up in the admissions game; were recently indicted following their alleged participation in an illegal scam in an attempt to ensure elite schooling for their off-spring.

Fake athletic records, falsified test records and bribes were apparently at the order of the day. And the prize that was being played for? A guaranteed pass of entry into Yale and Stanford.

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It’s Not The Same In Canada

Interestingly enough, just across the border in Canada, this would be considered a completely alien affair. Public universities in Canada employ a much more effective and streamlined admissions system. All students are admitted on an equal-merits basis, and no added perks are applied thanks to special athletic prowess or even the fact that their parents are part of the particular institution’s alumni.

According to Simon Marginson, a professor of higher education at Oxford University in the UK, donations don’t get you in and special associations don’t either. Grade points and transcripts are all that matter. Academic performance is what gets you in and a lack thereof is what disqualifies entry. Studying, after all, is what one attends university for, and hopefully towards the goal of eventually getting one’s degree.

Equality For All

Fiona Deller, Director of Research and Policy at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, is of the opinion that the key to Canada’s success with university admissions is the fact that all higher education institutions are basically on the same level of excellence. There is no major divide in the quality of education received at Canadian institutions.

The result? Each student has exactly the same chances of achieving entry and success as the next. Simply put, there is no need to scam one’s way into a university.

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