Canada Life Named Amongst Top 100 Employers

By Ben Hamill - November 30 2021

Canada Life Named Amongst Top 100 Employers

Canada Life can certainly hold its head high, given that the company has just been chosen as one of the best employers in the country. This is particularly impressive due to challenges brought on by the world health crisis, making the work environment more difficult than usual. However, despite the added difficulties the company was still able to come out amongst the top 100 in Canada.

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Senior vice president of the company, Colleen Baily, shared a few thoughts regarding the award. She declared that the purpose of Canada Life is to help Canadians reach their full potential but added that the same philosophy applies to employees. She went on to say that the world is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation but assured that through the time of change the corporation would stick firm to its core principals.

A Focus On Employees

Looking closer, Canada Life underwent an extensive application in order to receive the award. Judges looked at the work environment, as well as the corporation’s ongoing commitment to the financial, physical, and mental well-being of employees.

Attention was also paid to how a move had been made in 2020 to combine separate brands under a single umbrella, allowing employees to focus on a singular common purpose, as well as a centralized work culture. The work culture in question is based around intercompany coaching, accountability, leadership, and unbroken communication.

The admirable work culture was also bolstered by employee support during the world health crisis; a step which has seen outstanding results. Plus, many internal processes were also quickly pushed toward modernization, creating an environment specifically designed to allow for maximum productivity in a challenging time.

High Performing Culture

A spokesperson expanded on the culture at Canada Life, saying that the workforce has been working towards shaping how tasks are internally handled and completed. The spokesperson went on to say that insights are rapidly being transformed into concrete actions, allowing the dynamic teams to achieve their best results.

In winning the award, the organization was carefully judged against peers in the same industry, with a strong focus put on skills, training, management, communication, atmosphere, finance, and health. Each area was carefully inspected, and the final results determined the corporation’s position within the country leaderboard.

Clearly, Canada Life scored high in all categories, making them amongst the most desirable places to work countywide. It remains to be seen if the standards can be maintained through to 2022.