L.L.Bean To Open Two Stores In BC In 2021

By Ben Hamill - May 29 2021

L.L.Bean To Open Two Stores In BC In 2021

L.L.Bean, the American lifestyle chain, has announced that it will open two new stores in British Columbia before the end of this year. One will be located at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby, while the other will be at Victoria’s Mayfair Shopping Centre. The former will open in the fall, while the latter is slated for an August opening.

In recent years, the brand has achieved a fair deal of expansion across North America and looks set to continue on this trajectory. While brick-and-mortar stores have been important in this regard, online sales and products exclusive to the brand’s online shop, have been growing rapidly.

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An Outdoor Family Brand

L.L.Bean has become one of the continent’s leading outdoor brands. However, all spokespeople for the company make sure to point out the L.L.Bean is designed for the whole family, hence it should be referred to as an “outdoor family brand”.

In 2018, L.L.Bean launched its very first dedicated ecommerce site. Howie Kastner, the President of the Jaytex Group, which is L.L.Bean’s Canadian partner, said that the brand has seen tremendous growth, even as we all try to navigate through what we hope to be the beginning of the ending stages of the global health crisis. This growth has been seen both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, whenever they were allowed to open.

While the physical stores have promised to offer a wide range of L.L.Bean’s most iconic products, consumers can expect to find offerings exclusive to the online store. Mr Kastner has said that in terms of business, it would not be smart for the company to carry everything in-store that it does in the catalogue. He said that L.L.Bean will continue to stock anything outdoor-related, such as apparel, footwear and equipment like tubes, snowshoes and snowboards.

Now Is The Time

Kastner says that L.L.Bean has done plenty of market research and has concluded that now is the perfect time to expand into British Columbia. The company was started in Maine in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. In 2019, the first L.L.Bean store in Canada was opened in Oakville, Ontario. Three more stores have since been opened in Ontario.

It seems that British Columbia is not the only province that will see L.L.Bean stores open. During the fall, Calgary and Dartmouth, N.S., will welcome new stores too. Victoria and Vancouver are apparently hotspot areas identified by the L.L.Bean team.

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