Taylor Swift Relives Kanye West Feud

By Ben Hamill - March 27 2020

Taylor Swift Relives Kanye West Feud

Singer Taylor Swift has had her fair share of high-profile feuds, and some stretch back an entire decade. Which makes it all the more unsavoury that she is once again at loggerheads with fellow celebrities over seeming trivial matters. And trivial they are, to say the very least, in a time when not only the world, but the U.S. in particular, is fighting for the future of economies and human life as we know it. Not that Swift, or any of the other parties involved in the tiff, seem to care.

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It all started with the 2016 release of Kanye West’s “Famous” in which he sings about Swift being a “b*tch” he made famous. West claims that he prior to the release of the song sought Swift’s permission telephonically, and that she had granted him permission to go ahead with the lyrics as planned. Swift, via her publisher, denies that she had ever granted West with the alleged permission, but had only received a request from West to publish the song on her social media, which she apparently also refused to do.

Leaked Version Causes Confusion

But a leaked version of the full telephone conversation in question has now been leaked into the public domain, sparking anew a new rage of fit from Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian. Both West as well as Kardashian are of the opinion that the leaked footage vindicates West’s claim of having obtained the necessary permission pre-launch. Swift and publisher Tree Paine do not agree that this is the case and believes that the leaked footage add credibility to their own version of the events instead.

Interesting to note too is the fact that there was initially not much of a reaction from Swift or West following the release of the leaked footage. The first to react in typical Hollywood-drama style were in fact wife Kim and publicist Paine. Swift did however release a formal statement earlier on that same day, claiming that the 25-minute recorded conversation wasn’t completely real and that some of the footage had been tampered with and manipulated.

Kardashian reacted to Swift’s statement and actually went as far as to say that Swift was lying about the fact that the footage had been altered in an attempt to cast her in a bad light.

The Word Remains Out

The issue is that the footage is confusing regarding whether or not Swift had, at the time of the conversation, reacted in a positive manner when confronted with the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b*tch famous.”.

That West most definitely did not tell Swift the full lyrics to the song is clear from the footage. This is contrary to the story now being told to the world by West and Kardashian. But the footage also shows West asking Swift for her approval and doing so more than just a couple of times, leading to Swift eventually acknowledging on the footage that she does consider the lyrics to be funny.

Which is of course exactly what the rapper had said when the song was first released in 2016.


What song is at the heart of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West Feud?

Kanye West’s song, Famous.

When was Kanye West’s song Famous released?

In 2016.

When did the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud begin?

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West stole Taylor Swifts microphone and went on a rant about Beyoncé not winning the award.

Why does Taylor say the original phone call was false?

She maintains the footage was edited to frame her.

How has Taylor responded to the leaked call?

She is happy the truth has come out, but has shifted her focus to calling for donations for the World Health Organization and Feeding America during COVID-19.

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