Queen’s Brian May Tells Of Heart Attack

By Ben Hamill - May 27 2020

Queen’s Brian May Tells Of Heart Attack

Queen’s Brian May has reportedly revealed details around his recent emergency trip to hospital after the legendary musician suffered what he described in typical May-form as his having had a “small” heart attack. The famous guitarist earlier this month drew quite a bit of attention when he revealed on social media that he had fallen victim to an unexpected injury to his buttocks and that the injury in question had left him in a state of severe and ongoing pain refusing to ease in any way.

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He however in a recent Instagram video posted to his official Brian May account admitted that the injury to his behind had only been the start of a bizarre health saga that would ultimately end up with him suffering a serious cardiac event.

Heart Attack Bizarre, Shocking

In the video, the world-famous guitarist speaks openly about how he had been shocked by the event, described by May as “bizarre”, because of the fact that he had up until that point in time considered himself a pretty healthy individual. He tells of his experience of having been told by everyone that his blood pressure was great and his heart rate too, and it’s quite obvious from his rendition that the false sense of security was what had led him to believe that he was in fact fine and in great health.

May then goes on to emphasise the ‘smallness’ of the heart attack and says that it wasn’t something that’s done him any harm. Providing a few more details about what had happened at the time of the cardiac arrest event, May relates to his fans how the experience involved approximately 40 minutes chest pain, along with a textbook tightness of the chest, sweating and discomfort in the arms so often reported by heart attack survivors.

May Says He’s Good As New

May was apparently somewhere during the course of the event driven to a local hospital by his doctor, where an angiogram was promptly performed on the famous musician. Following the angiogram procedure, May was transferred to a second facility where he was booked into the facility’s emergency care department.

The Queen guitarist then proceeds to explain some of what had happened after, and specifically his having been advised by some of his doctors that open heart surgery and a triple bypass was the best course of action at the time. May was however relieved to hear from some others that no more than a comparatively non-invasive procedure involving the insertion of three stents in his heart and veins would do the trick.

A grateful May opted for the second of the two options and said that he’s now officially as good as new and once again ready to rock.

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