Covid-19 Puts UK PM Boris Johnson In Hospital

By Ben Hamill - April 06 2020

Covid-19 Puts UK PM Boris Johnson In Hospital

No. 10 Downing Street has confirmed that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening. Johnson has been in self-isolation since having started displaying symptoms caused by Covid-19 about 10 days ago. A spokesperson for No. 10 has emphasised that Johnson’s admittance to hospital and permanent medical care was not the result of an emergency, but simply that of the PM’s doctors having wanted to perform additional medical tests as a result of his on-going symptoms.

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A reliable source has however revealed to the UK’s The Guardian newspaper that Johnson’s condition isn’t nearly as stable as what the British government would like the general public to believe and that the Prime Minister had been battling with his breathing and a very high fever prior to his admission.

Downing Str. Mum On Seriousness

The news release by No. 10 Downing Street simply referred to the Prime Minister having been admitted by an NHS hospital close to his official government residence. But another trusted source has in the meantime confirmed that Johnson is in fact being treated at St. Thomas Hospital in London and that his condition had necessitated a treatment with oxygen shortly after his having arrived at the hospital at around 8pm GMT on Sunday evening.

The Guardian’s sources have also revealed that the Prime Minister’s condition was more serious than what government officials have been letting on, and that Johnson was in actual fact hospitalised not only because of ongoing Coronavirus symptoms, but mainly because of the fact that his medical team had become increasingly worried to the point of alarm by his worsening condition.

Hancock Lets Truth Shine Through

In the event that the Prime Minister’s condition does take a turn for the worst, foreign secretary and first secretary of state Dominic Raab is on the ready to take his charge as designated by government. The news of Johnson’s worsening condition and subsequent hospitalisation caused the pound to plummet against both the dollar as well as the euro practically overnight. 

Matt Hancock was questioned earlier on, on Sunday, regarding exactly how ill Johnson actually was. Hancock, despite Downing Street’s flat denial that anything out of the ordinary was amiss regarding the Prime Minister’s health, did let on that Johnson was in fact suffering from a particularly high fever. He was however quick to add that despite the prevailing symptoms, the Prime Minister remained in good spirits and with his hand on the “tiller”.

Matt Hancock himself had only recently emerged out of self-isolation after he too, had been diagnosed with having contracted the Coronavirus. His symptoms appeared to have been much milder than those currently plaguing the Prime Minister.

Johnson’s Partner On The Mend

Carrie Symonds, Johnson’s pregnant partner, revealed on the Saturday prior to the PM’s admission to hospital, that she too had contracted the virus, but was thankfully recovering. Experts have since Johnson’s admission to St. Thomas wagered a guess at the types of tests that the PM would be made to undergo as a result of the infection. The overall consensus is that the main thing right now would be to monitor his vitals and to determine how his organs are responding to the effects of the virus on his immune system.

Various government officials both local as well as foreign, including U.S. President Donald Trump, have in the meantime extended their well wishes for a speedy recovery to the British Prime Minister.


When did Boris Jonson confirm he had Covid-19?

March 26, 2020.

Why has Boris Johnson been hospitalised?

His condition has worsened, he continues to have Covid-19 symptoms and he needed assistance breathing.

Who will take over if Boris Johnson is unable to lead?

First secretary of state Dominic Raab.

Who has Boris Johnson been inspired by during the Coronavirus crisis?

His hero, Winston Churchill.