Bill Nye Uses Science To Disqualify Racism

By Ben Hamill - July 24 2020

Bill Nye Uses Science To Disqualify Racism

Bill Nye says since colour is a thing only skin-deep, we had better start treating one another as equals. And yes, it’s the same Bill Nye you’re thinking of. The only Bill Nye. The Bill Nye who knows everything there is to know about turning a potato into a clock or even how to go about making a two-part rocket fuel system out of film canisters and baking powder. Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

But ever since March, Bill Nye has also become quite the presence on social media, and more specifically, on TikTok. Which was where he could over the weekend be seen explaining in his typical methodical, bow-tie-wearing style exactly how to shut down and up a racist using – you guessed it – science.

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Location, Location, Location

In his video, Bill Nye explains a concept most people already know, but obviously need a refresher reminder about: our difference in skin colour is no more than an “evolutionary response” to how near or our far our ancestors lived from the equator. Hint: since the sun’s rays hit earth’s surface at a considerably higher angle at the equator than at, say, the poles, it’s also much hotter at the equator than what it is at the poles.

And so, what Bill Nye the Science Guy is basically trying to explain in his TikTok video, which has, by the way, in the meantime gone viral, is that judging someone based on the colour of their skin is, well, stupid and extremely unscientific.

Which is only to confirm something else we already know, which is that racists aren’t a very clever bunch after all.

Bill Nye The TikTok Guy

But it’s without a doubt Nye’s well-known quirky presentation style that once again steals the show. And aside from that, it’s as good a time as any to be scientifically reminded of just how unintelligent it is to form an opinion about someone based solely on the colour of their skin. 2020 will after all forever go down in history not only for “obvious” reasons, but also for being the year that saw George Floyd die suffocating at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer.

Nye started posting videos of himself presenting life-lessons with the help of a scientific approach on TikTok in March, which would have been right around the time that saw the beginning of global shutdowns. He’s since uploaded lessons in science about everything from the importance of wearing a mask, to the importance of treating one another as equals.

And we are. Science and Bill Nye say so.

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