Joe Biden Owns Super Tuesday II

By Ben Hamill - March 12 2020

Joe Biden Owns Super Tuesday II

Joe Biden has taken command of the Democratic race for U.S. presidency. Which of course means that Bernie Sanders may just as well give up all hope of holding on to Michigan and a comeback in a state where he’d all but stuck it to Hillary Clinton some 4 years ago. But Biden did not only shine in former Sanders-valley Michigan; he also sealed the deal on positively massive wins in Mississippi, Missouri as well as Idaho.

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Biden’s approach all throughout Super Tuesday season was one of fake it till you make it. So much so that his recent address delivered at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was comparable to that given by a man who already in his head believes that he has in fact won. He all but extended a hand of peace to rival Bernie Sanders – very much in the same way that someone would do upon having heard that they had won.

The only difference is this: Biden hasn’t yet won. Which makes his having dealt with Sanders as if he (Sanders) had already exited the presidential race to be on the one side of the soap, exceptionally and infuriatingly arrogant, and on the other, a notion of “this” being exactly what America now needs.

Confidence sells, after all.

Trump Common Enemy No. 1

In many ways, both Biden as well as Sanders had, at definite respective points, moved away from their own quest to lead, and into the realm of a collective effort to defeat Trump. Nothing glues two people together quite like having a common enemy, after all.

But that’s not to imply that Biden, not unlike Sanders, has not displayed certain marked vulnerabilities. The fact that he’s largely failed to resonate with younger voters is a case in point and example of a massive vulnerability. On the other hand, he’s going about his business in pure Clinton-style, and white working-class voters are loving every minute of it.

The fact that he’s said in so many words that he’s preparing for a one-on-one stand-off with current President Donald Trump may very well seal the deal on his victory come November. There’s nothing quite like a man not afraid to show a bit of backbone, after all. And if backbone were a precious commodity, then Joe Biden would never have to work a single day for the rest of his life. 

Guns & Cameras

If Biden were to have to choose to resolve a single issue only, then that issue will have to be the one about gun control. Biden is apparently, according to a Michigan construction worker, a secret supporter of the Second Amendment. Or not so secret anymore since the release of video material proving the opposite, in any event.

Cameras appear to be the potential undoing of Biden, who after having been confronted by the worker regarding the discrepancies emphasised by the video in question, was caught swearing at the local Michigan man, calling the man “full of sh-…”. The man ended up turning it all around on the former Vice President, telling Biden that he (Biden) should carry on in like fashion because he was working in favour of his accuser.

Best avoid footage altogether, then.


Has Joe Biden forced Sanders out the presidential race?

No, Sanders has said he won’t quit, despite Biden being the shoe-in to lead.

What are Joe Biden and Bernie Sander’s common aims?

To remove Trump from the White House.

Why is Biden so confident he will lead the Democrats?

He has secured an almost majority vote and is a favourite of white working-class voters.

Could Biden’s support of the Gun Control Act be a problem?

If the press focus on the leaked video footage of Biden secretly supporting the Second Amendment, yes. But many Americans will agree with his standpoint.

What is the Second Amendment?

The right of US civilians to bear arms.

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