Joe Biden Chalks Up a Much-Needed Win in South Carolina

By Ben Hamill - March 03 2020

Joe Biden Chalks Up a Much-Needed Win in South Carolina

There’s much to be learnt from the South Carolina Primary. And there’s much to be learnt from Joe Biden. The democratic presidential candidate and former vice president of the United States racked up quite the comfortable win in South Carolina – which may end up becoming exactly what the doctor had ordered for reviving his ailing 2020 presidential campaign.

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The fact that Biden was once the undisputed leader in national polls now seems worlds away, what with his only barely having managed to claw his way to fourth, fifth and second place finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Certainly not what you’d expect from the man once considered the neck that turned the president’s head in whichever direction it chose.

Trump The Common Enemy

But the fact that Biden did what he managed to do in South Carolina, especially, may have a great deal more to do with the nature and character of the man that is Donald J. Trump than with any characteristics associated with the man that is Joe Biden. And let’s just say: Biden knows this. He did after all celebrate his victories in the three aforementioned states (excepting for this purpose, South Carolina) by congratulating his supporters on having launched the type of campaign capable of ultimately defeating Donald Trump.

And as far as South Carolina goes, where the general populace is bound to be all that more cheesed off at Trump and his racial slurs and antics, Biden knows exactly on which side his democratic bread is buttered.

He Did Better Than Expected

It’s a fact that the former second-in-command would basically have been happy with any old score after having won the positions that he did in the 3 other states. But its more than likely that not even Biden would have seen a landmark win in South Carolina headed his way.

And what with Super Tuesday now squarely upon him, Biden will be eager to leverage the 30% lead over next closest competitor Bernie Saunders to its full potential. He did after all call on 14 states to make it a Tuesday to remember.

But South Carolina is more than a matter of 6 out of very 10 black voters having put their confidence in Biden. What this also means is that North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia may very well be taking the cue and running with it too. Trust is earned after all. Or in the case of Joe Biden, least part earned. 

Tuesday The Big Day

All four mentioned states will be voting on whether or not Biden should be in the running to become the next presidential candidate for the democrats on Super Tuesday. And save for the habits of some others in the running who want to merely throw piles of cash at the problem; some others yet, stooping to new argumentative lows involving drawing on personal shortcomings on the part of the competition, Joe Biden remains a hero among heroes for his particular style of respectful pointing out of the facts.

Biden may not yet be a clear and chosen alternative to Bernie Sanders, but Saturday’s outcome most definitely helped clear the tumbleweed from the election’s walkway.


How much did Joe Biden win by in South Carolina?

Biden won by a huge margin, beating Bernie Sanders by almost 30 points.

How well did he do with black South Carolina voters?

More than 6 in 10 black voters voted for him.

Where did Senator Sanders come in the vote?

Sanders, who is the national delegate leader finished in second place.

What happens on Super Tuesday?

North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia will vote on whether Biden should be the next democratic presidential candidate.


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