Jeff Bezos Pledges $10bn To Earth Initiative

By Ben Hamill - February 24 2020

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10bn To Earth Initiative

The richest man on the planet remains convinced that despite the magnitude of the threat that is climate change, Earth can be saved. So much so that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is willing to throw a cool $10 billion at the problem. Bezos some days ago announced the launch of “the Bezos Earth Fund”, and wrote about the reasons behind his stellar donation on Instagram, saying that it is his wish to work alongside scientists, activists and similar earth initiatives in an attempt to not only take collective action and fund those already working towards the planet’s survival, but also to explore new approaches potentially effective at fighting the devastating effects of climate change.

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Bezos is of the conviction that if big and small businesses were to join forces with government organisations and individuals, then Earth will be saved. The Amazon chief executive concluded his caption by saying that since Earth is what we all have in common with one another, it stands to reason that we should all join hands and protect it together.

Public Relations Move?

Bezos may very well be attempting to right a number of wrongs all with a single swing of the club. Not only did he last month become a target of something near ridicule after having been called out as a result of his comparatively small donation pledged to Australia’s wildfire crisis, but has taken a lot of rap for the longest time for being one of the few US billionaires not to have signed Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge.

At age 56, Bezos is currently estimated to be worth at least $130 billion in his own personal capacity, let alone the value of Amazon as a separate entity. The fact that the billionaire pledged $690,000 to Australia’s wildlife crisis on behalf of the tech-corp seemed to really get under the skin of many people. Many made their voices heard about the fact that his donation compared pretty badly when compared to the size of some other donations pledged by businesses and individuals not nearly as wealthy has what he is.

Employees Told To Tone It Down

Amazon employees were last month threatened about some comments that were made about the online retail giant’s failure to come to the earth-party in a way regarded as sufficient by its workforce. Company human resources representatives had according to the in-house group Amazon Employees for Climate Change, lashed out at the group’s leaders following comments made about climate change and Amazon’s lack of involvement, throughout the course of the past year.  

According to a group spokesperson, Amazon employees were warned to either lay off the topic of climate change or wave their jobs goodbye.

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