Beyond Meat Launches No-Meat Bacon & Steak

By Ben Hamill - July 30 2019

Beyond Meat Launches No-Meat Bacon & Steak

Imagine a world where it’s no longer necessary to send any animal to the slaughter; a world where alternative foodstuffs exist to replace every conceivable variety of real animal meat. It may not be necessary to imagine such a world for much longer because a US food-tech company by the name of Beyond Meat is actually making it a reality.

The company’s latest two genius creations are plant-based bacon and plant-based steak, and both products are 100% vegan-friendly. As it stands, a number of plant-based “meat” items are already available from local US outlets, including vegan burgers, vegan sausages and even faux ground beef. According to the company, all of its plant-based products contain sufficient nutrients so as to compare with top-quality real meat products. In fact, Beyond Meat asserts that its “beef” burgers are even healthier than real meat beef burgers.

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Improved Availability

The company’s products are selling like hotcakes. A number of big-name retailers have started stocking Beyond Meat products, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Horton’s and even A&W. There is obviously a high worldwide demand for plant-based meat product alternatives. Its natural to immediately assume that the demand is being made from a moral point of view, but surprisingly enough, many people are desperately looking for alternatives to real meat products for health and environmental reasons.

Its by now no longer a secret that most big meat producers, in addition to treating animals in the most horrendous of inhumane ways, resort to boosting profits by injecting animals with a variety of growth hormones; hormones of which many are known to cause all kinds of horrible illnesses, including a variety of cancers.

Drawing The Comparison

The challenge appears to oftentimes be that of creating something that not only lives up to the real deal in terms of what it tastes like to the pallet, but also what it looks like when packaged up and ready to hit grocery store isles. Moreover, many nutritionists and medical experts are concerned about how the products compare in terms of the basic building blocks of natural food products: nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Products by Beyond Meat and similar companies simply haven’t been around long enough in order for proper studies and evaluations to be done, but that time will certainly come too. Whatever the eventual outcome, the demand for no-animal products is bigger now than ever before in the history of humankind.

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