New BC’s Money Laundering Report Released

By Ben Hamill - April 20 2019

No End In Sight To BC’s Dirty Money Problems

Former Mountie Peter German’s second report on the problem of money laundering in British Columbia isn’t exactly new news to some, and BC’s obvious inability to address the issue more effectively than what it has been doing up until now is no surprise either. So says various individuals closely connected with judicial administration and law enforcement in the province, including a number of police officers and federal government officials. A lack of funding and insufficient resources with which to effectively tackle the problem are to these individuals, the elephant in the room.

British Columbia’s money laundering problems have been attracting national as well as international attention for quite some time now, and the US, most notably, has been expressing its concern and surprise at the fact that no practical solutions appear to have been forthcoming. Attorney General David Eby has expressed his absolute shock and disdain at the manner in which the situation has unfolded over the course of the last year or so, and the AG has been pressing hard for answers, especially since the release of German’s first report.

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A Nation Calls For Answers

Canadian citizens too, have been pushing for answers, and money laundering has now become a matter of national concern and a hot topic of contention. But, say those well acquainted with the inside-scoop, there will be no change until such time as government is prepared to avail the necessary funds with which to tackle the problem hands-on.

Canada, and specifically British Columbia, has become a soft target for rogue Chinese businessmen who frequent the region’s casinos for the exclusive purpose of laundering the dirty proceeds of mainly drug trafficking.

The fact that senior government officials have been approving the increase of spend-limits at BC’s casinos, and specifically during Chinese high-holidays when Chinese nationals are known to flock to the country’s casinos, in an attempt to increase revenue income in the province, despite having been warned by industry watchdogs and even David Eby himself to be more vigilant, doesn’t exactly attest to social responsibility or acting in the best interests of the people of British Columbia.

Calling Them Out By Name

It is becoming as clear as day that someone, or more likely a group of individuals, is working against everybody wanting to do right by the province and by the nation in general. In 2013, a former high-placed Gambling Director of Investigations, Joe Schalk, compiled a report together with co-writer Larry van der Graaff, the at-the-time Executive Director of the GPED, detailing the full brunt of what was really happening at BC’s casinos. The report had hardly seen the light before it was censored. What’s more, it wasn’t long after the release of the dooming report, in 2014, that both Schalk and van der Graaff were dismissed from their respective positions without as much as a half-hearted explanation.

German’s report may prove to be nothing short of kryptonite to some high-placed officials, as it supposedly delves into even more dirty details than what did Schalk and der Graaff’s; even going as far as naming and shaming the individuals suspected of defying the ends of justice. Since the report has now drawn the attention of the international arena, it will be much harder this time round to simply dismiss the information and dispose of the author.

Or in the famous words of the 1976 film classic Carrie’s Chris Hargenson: this isn’t over.

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